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Funny sex facts

funny sex facts

Did you know that rats have sex 20 times per day? The sex is the best and safe (if it is safe) way to relax – 20 times more potent than the medical drug valium. One minute of kissing burns 26 calories. The ratio of the ‘normal’ websites and the pornographic ones is 1:5. Beard grows faster in men who ... Read More »

Top 6 dumb sex studies

Probably you do not know, but researches about sex pass many obstacles. Besides all the usual scientific community problems with funding, they are also faced with concerns to speak frankly on the topic, and rather difficult to verify the claims of those polled. Which does not prevent scientists to direct their efforts, sometimes in strange and unnecessary directions, like this: 6. The ... Read More »

Look and feel good without clothes

Look and feel good without clothes

There probably isn’t one single woman that loves every part of her body and is absolutely carefree when she needs to be without clothes. Although the majority of men don’t notice the little flaws that women see on themselves, the female mind is always filled with self-critical thoughts. The lack of confidence can affect every area of your life, especially on ... Read More »

Sex helps mentally and physically

We are accustomed to associate sex with pleasure, which is absolutely true. But besides pleasure, sex has a beneficial effect of physical and mental health. Sex cures headaches Here is the most favorite excuse for women avoiding sex, turning against them. During sex the hormone oxytocin is released, resulting in the release of endorphins – morphine and peptides with immunoregulatory effect ... Read More »

Foods that enhance the sex desire

Sometimes we do not always have a great desire for sex, and that sometimes is a problem. But did you know that in nature there are natural substances that increase physical stamina and desire for sex. So in your romantic dinner you should include: Strawberries. They enhance the libido in both sexes, because of the high zinc content. Zinc is an ... Read More »

Woman’s sitting posture shows sex desire and character

Woman's sitting posture shows sex desire and character

Playing with her hair and smiling seductively shows that a woman is flirting and wants an intimacy, but that is also visible by the way she sits and crosses her legs. Psychologists found that the way women place their legs when they sit, sends subconscious signals to men. Confident women who have high self-esteem and love to make men to want ... Read More »

What if the condom breaks?

what if the condom breaks

Condoms are the most widely used method of contraception and the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. But it does not make it 100% safe. Although it is not common, broken condom while you’re having intercourse still happens. In such a case you shouldn’t panic but be prepared.   When you should get concerned? If you determine that the ... Read More »

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