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What if the condom breaks?

what if the condom breaks

Condoms are the most widely used method of contraception and the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. But it does not make it 100% safe. Although it is not common, broken condom while you’re having intercourse still happens. In such a case you shouldn’t panic but be prepared.

 what if the condom breaks

When you should get concerned?

If you determine that the condom broke after your partner ejaculated, the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is high, especially if you have sexual intercourse with an unknown partner. Even if you know that your partner does not have sexually transmitted diseases, there is always the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

If the condom breaks before your partner ejaculates, it doesn’t mean that you are protected. Before ejaculation men’s sex glands create secretes that contain sperm. Therefore, the risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases still exists.

What to do if the condom breaks?

To protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy, you have a choice – to get contraception pills regularly or to get the so-called ‘the day after’ pill. You can find them in almost any pharmacy, and it is best to take it as soon as possible after the sexual act.

To protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), wash yourself with warm water without using any products. Of course, it will not fully protect you against STDs, but it might help.

If blood, semen or vaginal fluids come to contact with an open wound, disinfect it with rubbing alcohol or iodine. If you know that your partner suffers from some illness that can be transmitted, visit your doctor immediately.

To be sure that you did not get any illnesses, do a blood test for HIV and all STDs two weeks after your last sexual intercourse.

Extra tips:

In order not to go through the whole process of stress and expectation, follow these tips:

  • Do not use your teeth, scissors or other sharp object to open a condom package.
  • If you have long and sharp nails, be careful while placing the condom.
  • Your partner should use condoms in the correct size. If the condom is too large or too small, it is more likely to break and tear.
  • Make sure that your partner squeezes the upper part of the condom as he sets it. That way, you ‘ll avoid the creation of air bubbles, which can cause the condom to break and tear.
  • Use water based lubricant.