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6 Ways pets can improve your health

6 Ways pets can improve your health

It’s no secret that pets bring great joy to many homes. Their unselfish love creates a positive energy which fulfills us and they become a part of our family. But pets not only give us love and company, they also improve our mood and improve our health in many different ways.

6 Ways pets can improve your health

Pets benefit your health by improving your mood

You need to spend only 15-30 minutes with your dog or cat to feel less anxious and stressed. While having fun with your pet your body produces more serotonin – the hormone of happiness, which makes us feel calm and happy. The level of cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases each time when we play with our pet. Reducing stress improves your overall health.

Pets boost your health by improving your heart health

Owners of pets are at a lower risk of getting a heart disease. Research shows that one of the advantages of having a cat or dog is lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart attack. Results of 20-year study showed that people who have cats or dogs have 40% less chances to get a heart attack. Another study showed that the chances of recovery of heart attack are higher in people who have a pet.

Pets improve your health by helping with depression

Many experts agree that people that have a pet are less likely to suffer from depression. Petting a dog or cat has a relaxing effect and people who are depressed feel calmer when they interact with a pet. Animal’s love have positive effect on humans, because they’ll never reject you when you need a company or you want someone to talk to. Taking care of a cat or dog makes people fell that they spend their time usefully and it increases their confidence.

Pets benefit your health by reducing allergies and asthma

The ever increasing number of studies show that children who live with a pet that has fur like cat or a dog, or who are constantly in contact with domestic animals like horses, rabbits etc, are less likely to suffer from allergies and asthma. Researches have shown that children who are in contact with pets had higher levels of some chemicals of the immune system which is a sign of stronger immune system. Researches also showed that babies who live in a home with a pet have less chances to develop eczema – allergic skin reaction.

Pets boost your health by keeping you fit

Regular walks with your dog, or playing with your cat will straighten your muscles and keep you fit. Also when you walk your dog in the park while the sun is shining, you’ll have a greater sun exposure, which contributes to the creation of vitamin D that is great for the bone health. Strengthening the bones is the best protection against osteoporosis and fractures.

Pets improve your health by helping you to maintain normal blood pressure 

Obviously it isn’t enough to have a cat or dog to have normal blood pressure, but they can help you to maintain it in the normal range. A research that involved 240 couples, showed that pet owners have lower blood pressure and slower heartbeat than those who don’t have pets. Another study showed that children who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure) have lower blood pressure when they pet and cuddle their pet.

Important! This article doesn’t provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have some health problems, please consult your doctor

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