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Love making should last 7 to 13 minutes

Love making should last 7 to 13 minutes

The media and many movies show unrealistic expectations for the bedroom and that’s why many people are unsatisfied with their intimate life.

Sexologists believe that the ideal love making should last 7 to 13 minutes. Everything else over those 13 minutes can become boring. They also warn the partners not to strain themselves in order to extend the time in bed because it can lead to the relationship collapsing between the partners.

Love making should last 7 to 13 minutesOne study involved 50 people from a sexual therapy clinic. The team who conducted the research was made of psychologists, nurses, social workers and family therapists who have worked with thousands of patients for years.

They asked the participants a question – how long should the intimacy last. Respondents had to respond with acceptable, desirable, too short or too long. Most of the respondents answered that the duration of the sexual act between 3 and 7 minutes is acceptable, but sex that lasts between 7 and 13 minutes is desirable.

To researchers’ surprise, participants had determined sex that lasts over 13 minutes is too long. Today’s pop culture is full of a variety of stereotypes about sex and people think that making love should last for hours.

Men believe that women dream about a whole night filled with intimacy. Women think that men dream about sex marathon, and indeed both groups think unrealistically and this leads to tension, the scientists said.

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