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6 tips when using makeup

1. Lip pencil for outlining should not be much darker than the lipstick. Always use lip pencil which differ slightly from one color of lipstick, or better – it should match the lipstick.
2. Do not use eye shadows that are the same color as your eyes. If you do that, your eyes will not pop out. The color of the eye shadows should be contrasting the color of your eyes. For green eyes, pink shades are ideal, for brown – clouded purple hues, and blue eyes – dark brown shades.
3. Avoid green eye shadows when your eyes are tired and red. Green shades make the fatigue more visible. Beige eye shadows and eye shadows in peach color are the best choice in this case. If you want to make eyes look bigger, apply mascara only on the upper lashes. Your eyes will look bigger if you apply white eye pencil on the waterline, but avoid this if your eyes are red and irritated.
4. Don’t apply cream blush if you previously set your face with powder. If you do this, you will get two bright spots on the cheeks. Rule in makeup is that after the application of powder only blush powder should be used.
5. Black eye pencil applied on the waterline will make eyes look bigger. On the contrary, if you do this, your eyes look smaller and will not come to expression. Instead, use white eye pencil.
6. Don’t apply powder only to the chin. If you stop at your chin, there will be a visible line between the face and neck and th face will look unnatural. To avoid this, the sponges. Apply the powder on the chin and smudge it towards the neck.

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