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How to achieve luscious lips

Make up is an art, so it has some secrets. Here is how to achieve a luscious perfect lips which color will stay for a long time:

1. Before you apply the lipstick, nourish your lips with chap stick. It will soften your lips. Then with a lip pencil in the same or close color as your lipstick, outline the contour of your lips. You can cover the entire lip with lip pencil: it will provide a better foundation and the lipstick will stay longer.
2. Apply a layer of lipstick, and blot the excess with a cloth or napkin. You can then put an translucent powder and apply the lipstick again. To give expression to the lips, put a little light lipstick on the corners of the lower lip. If the weather is warm, try not to use cream lipstick, but try the long lasting ones.
3. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors: mix different shades of lipstick to achieve the best results! It must be remembered that bright shiny colors visually enhance lips, and dark tones make the lip look smaller.
4. For the lips to look more sensual, alluring and bulky, add a drop of lip gloss in the center of the lips, and do not smudge it all over the surface of the lips.
5. Don’t try to emphasize the lips and eyes, you’ll get unnatural appearance. If you’re showing off your lips, on the eyes apply only nude eyeshadow, thin line of eyeliner and mascara.
6. How to change the shape of your lips? If your lips are small, they will appear larger if you outline them with a lip pencil about 2-3 mm, but no more beyond their contour. And also try to open your lips a tiny bit when, for example you take photo.

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