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5 mistakes that women make on a date

Go on too many unproductive dates.
They devote time and attention, and also too much emotion to go off to a date with losers. And in this worst case is that they want everything to happen ‘right now’. Sometimes it is better a one good quality date in the year than 100 bad ones.

Go out with her friends, hoping to meet some guy.
Well, it will not happen. When men see that beautiful girl, which is her girlfriends, he perceive it as unavailable. He is afraid. Her friends are like a bodyguards for her. He will never invite her, if  her friends carefully listen what he will say.

She think that the man will definitely love her if he get to know her.
In women it is exactly like that, they must to know the guy and then they fall in love. While men always know from the first time – a sort of instinct – that this is his woman she’s not.

They tell too much about themself on the first date.
Women are a fire in a fairy tale – couple of cocktails and she’ll talk too much. An unknown man will learn all about her life within 1 hour. Men don’t want to listen how the women is bragging. All they want is to spend good time without too much stories. So girls, one drink is more than enough.

Forgetting her manners.
Remember when speaking with a man to watch him straight in his eyes. Do not let your eyes to wander in his hands when he shows some gestures or in the wall. He’ll think that you’re not interested and he’ll be repelled.

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