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Red lips – Quick tips and tricks

Red lips - Quick tips and tricks

Red, sexy and eccentric!

Red lips are the universal weapon of female’s seduction. Red lips are eccentric and very sexy, although it is difficult to maintain the color and the application takes time.

Red lips - Quick tips and tricksYou won’t stay unnoticed if you decide to put some red passion and brilliance on your lips. There are thousands of red tones, but not all of them will be perfect for you. You need to find the right tone for your skin.

Red suggests cheerful feelings and passion. All women can wear red lipstick, from young to more mature, only with different shades of red.

If you have very pale skin, a bright shade of red will complement you beautifully, but if you have darker skin tone you should choose a more orangey shade of red.

If the color is too bold and you prefer light, soft colors, use red lipstick in a shades of raspberry, bright red, cherry and sour cherry.
And if you want to shine and you’re not afraid to experiment, outline your lips with beige or brown pencil so you will get an interesting color transition. And if you like your lips to look juicy and sexy, apply a red or clear lip gloss on top.

This year the tendency is to use more bright pink and bright purple lip colors. The best to finalize your makeup is cat eyes with black eyeliner and black mascara, or minimal amount of grey eye shadow for subtle smoky eye makeup.

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