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The top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try

The top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try

The most popular spring hair trends are completely different form one another – from modern and perfectly tidy hair, to a messy hairstyles. However, all of them are very interesting and they’ll surely tempt you to experiment with your hairstyle during the spring days. Here are the top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try:

The top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try

Spring hairstyle trend – Romantic wavy locks

It’s safe to say that wavy hair is a trend that will always be popular and fashionable. Firstly, because it’s extremely easy to achieve, and secondly, because it looks incredibly sexy, feminine and romantic. But to get the ultimate romantic waves, your hair needs to be cut in layers and you need to use curling iron to create soft and romantic waves.

Spring hairstyle you need to try – Messy braid

Braids are still among the biggest trends, but this spring season we encourage you to experiment more. Skip the simple braids and try braiding your hair in a soft French braid or fishtail braid and then loose it up a little to get a messy braid. You can also look online for some unique braids and try them out, The more unusual the braid is, the better.

Spring hairstyle trend – Soft voluminous hair

Soft and voluminous hair has been popular for quite some time now, but the most important thing this spring is to not to overdo it with the volume. You can add some volume to your hair with hair mousse, curling your hair with curling iron or gentle teasing. But whatever you do, your hair should look natural and the volume shouldn’t be too exaggerated.

Spring hairstyle you need to try – Super smooth hair

In contrast to the voluminous hair there is the sleek and shiny hair. If you like to wear your hair in a pony tail, smooth your hair with a hair brush on which you’ve sprayed some hair spray so you won’t get tiny hairs flying on all sides. You can also fix your hair with more hair spray. You can also do this if you’re wearing your hair on one side and it’s straightened or if you’re wearing a ballerina bun.

Spring hairstyle trend – Extreme side part

You can make your ordinary straightened hair more interesting if you make an extreme side part. Straighten your hair with a hair straightener and make the side part to start almost from the left or the right temple. Then gather all of your hair and bring it to one side that’s opposite of the side part. This spring hairstyle is so easy to make and looks nice and modern.

Spring hairstyle you need to try – Ballerina bun and messy bun

Make yourself a ballerina bun or messy bun at the bottom of your head or very high on the crown of your head. Ideally smoothed ballerina buns or messy buns are equally popular. You can wear a messy bun for a casual everyday look and smooth ballerina bun when you’re dressed up. Whatever hair bun you choose is up to you.

Spring hairstyle trend – Hair clips and hairpins

Hair clips, hairpins and hair combs are backs into fashion. But not the simple ones, but big unique hair accessories with unusual shape and metal shine, or hair accessories that have sparkling crystals and colorful stones. They’re usually used to make the simple straight hair or sleek bun more interesting. You can use an interesting hair lip when you make the extreme side part hairstyle, just add a hair clip behind your ear on the same side as the side part. You an also use hairpins to decorate your ballerina bun, smooth ponytail etc.

Spring hair color trends

There are hundreds of different shades of hair dyes out there. But which one is popular this spring season?

Blondes: In the last couple of years, the platinum blonde was really popular, but this year the warmer shades of blonde are coming with full force. If you’re blonde, try some luxurious golden hue the next time you dye your hair. That way the sun will further highlight the gold shimmer in your hair.

Brunettes: Forget the warm shades of caramel and hazelnut. This spring the rich and seductive chocolate shades are trendy. Choose a shade of chocolate hair color that you like and rock it. If you’re a brunette, it is important to look out for your hair so it will be extremely shiny.

Red: Many celebrities have rocked red hair in the past couple of years and this spring the red color is still increasingly popular. No matter if it’s dark or bright red – every shade looks good. If you have a dark complexion, you can choose to dye your hair a red color with peach or orange undertone, and if you have a fair complexion, try to emphasize the beauty of your hair with a lighter red for more natural look or stronger deep red for more mysterious look.

What about the ombre hair trend?

Among the most popular hair trends for the past couple of years is the ‘ombre hair’ or ‘the hair that gets gradually lighter from the ends to the roots’. The hair color should be darkest in the roots of the hair and gradually getting lighter toward the tips, eventually becoming almost blond. The look is achieved by gradually using different shades of the same color.

Many people think that it’s time for this hair trend to go away, but many women refuse to give it up. And there’s a reason why – it looks fun and beautiful. So if you want to rock your ombre hair – do it, and if you find the regular ‘ombre hair’ boring and want to make it more interesting, ‘ombre’ your hair in an unusual color like blue, pink or green.

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