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Signs that you need to breakup

Breaking up is not an easy job, especially if you have been together for a long time. But some relationships just do not have future. The more you wait, the longer you will need to get over him.

If in your relationship there are some of the following signs, you need to start thinking about the sad breaking up.

He does not make you feel happy:

To be happy, there is no need for him to be rich and to constantly surprise you with extravagant gifts. If there is a desire, a man can make their partner happy in many simple ways – through compliments, a romantic candlelight dinner, a rose or simply expressing their love. If he is not trying to make you happy, then it is best to forget him and allow someone else to bring happiness in your life.

He insults you:

If your partner humiliates you and he is constantly insulting you (especially in front of others), it can kill your confidence. The low self-esteem has bad influence on the emotional health and your life. Any humiliation by your partner should not be forgotten. Protect yourself and put an end. Every woman should be respected by her partner.

He is aggressive:

Unfortunately, the aggressive behavior of men is not uncommon and many women suffer from this problem. Any sign of aggression should be condemned. If your partner used violence, you should not quietly endure his misbehavior. Even if it happens occasionally, you should not believe the excuses that he will change. Get out of such a relationship before it is too late.

He has addiction:

If your partner is addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography or gambling and refuses your help, then it is best to split from him. Addicts often draw their partners into trouble, they are unable to offer any certainty and are prone to lying and infidelity.

He cheats:

Women who can truly forgive their partner are very rare. But even rarer are the men who heated just once, if their partner has shown mercy to them. If you are at the beginning of a relationship and you have learned that he ‘sits on two chairs’, do not hesitate to put an end to the relationship. When he dares to cheat on you at the begging of the relationship, then you can imagine what will happen next.

He has obsessive jealousy and he will not change:

Jealousy is part of every relationship. When it is present in small doses, it can keep the flame in a relationship, but if it transforms into an obsession, then every day it will cause fights, disputes and even violence. If your partner always controls you, always wants to know your every step and in the same time is unable, or unwilling to control his ‘sick’ jealousy, it is best to try to break up in a peaceful manner.

He avoids discussions about the future:

If you notice that he avoids the important talks about the future of your relationship and a long-term planning, it is time to consider whether he takes you seriously. Maybe you are only a temporary partner for him. Talk about this issue and if you do not see evidence of his change, choose Plan B – the breakup.