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10 home hair care tips that you need to know

Home hair care tips that yo need to know

Professional hair care is the best, but sometimes we don’t always have enough time and money to go to a professional hair salon. The home hair care is also important, and if you combine it with the advice of professionals stylists it will result in a healthy and beautiful hair. Here are some home hair care tips for stylish and healthy hair:

Home hair care tips that you need to know

Home hair care tip #1: Find a shampoo that makes less foam

More foam does not mean cleaner hair. On the contrary – very soon after washing your hair, your hair will feel oily and dirty again. More foam also means more chemicals and additives or to be precise, more sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) which are used as foaming agents in shampoos. Like every detergent, they can cause irritation and can strip too much natural oil from your hair making it dry and brittle. Choose a shampoo with formula that does not contain sulfates or at least a small amount of them.

Home hair care tip #2: Wash the curls with cold water

If you have a curly hair, before you step out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water. This will strengthen the surface layer of the hair and will make it more shiny.

Home hair care tips #3: Dry your hair with hot and cold air

If you style your hair with brush and hair dryer, dry your hair in sections, starting from the bottom of the hair and from the roots to the ends. Dry and style one section on your hair with hot air. Then allow it to cool down for 5 seconds (or if you have cold setting on your dryer, blow your hair section once more with cold air) and repeat with another strand. Alternating the hot and cold air, your hair will keep the hairstyle a bit longer.

Home hair care tip #4: Make your hair more shiny with homemade treatments

Professional hair products are great, but you can effectively use inexpensive and everyday products that will make your hair more shiny and soft. These homemade treatments will nourish the top layer of the hair and also if you have dyed hair they can make the hair dye to last longer. So, if you are a DIY type of girl and you want to whip up some homemade hair masks, here are some suggestions: Homemade masks for healthy hair.

Home hair care tip #5: Use rollers to get more volume

Brush your hair gently while it is still wet, and roll it on a large hair rollers. Take one roller and one strand of hair. Place the roller close to your hair roots as much as you can. Then wrap your hair around the roller and secure it. Dry your hair with a hair dryer and leave it to cool. Remove the hair rollers and style your hair. Spray it lightly with hairspray so your volume will stay longer.

Home hair care tip #6: Remove the towel from your head when you get out of the shower

If you leave your hair to stay wrapped in a towel for more than half an hour, it will not look good once you unwrap it. The cotton can break and damage the hair. It is best to squeeze the water from your hair with your hands, pat dry your hair with a towel or if you really want to, you can leave your hair in a towel for about 5-10 minutes, and then to dry and style your hair like you normally do.

Home hair care tip #7: How to get easy and quick curls

If you use a curling iron or curling wand, the final result will be faster if you wrap the hair lightly on the barrel. Do not wrap it too tight because you can burn the part of the hair that is touching the curling iron, while the hair that is on the outside will stay unheated.

Home hair care tip #8: Easy trick to fix the curls

If you have curly hair and your defined curls have disappeared after you woke up, there is an easy way to restore them. Spray the top layer of the hair with plain water and then use the diffuser on your hair dryer (with 2 inches diameter or more). The volume in the upper layer of the hair will be more defined and it will create the illusion that the hair is flawless.

Home hair care tip #9: Different ways to use dry shampoo

If you feel that your hair is getting oily and you don’t have time to wash it, spray some dry shampoo gently in your hair, applying it mainly on the hair roots to give your hair more volume. If you’re making some hairstyle and you need to use many bobby pins, apply some dry shampoo on them, that will make them grip the hair better and stay in the hair longer.

Home hair care tip #10: Enrich your hair conditioner 

Store bought conditioners work just fine, but why not adding a few natural ingredients to make them extra special and luxurious. You can add a tablespoon of honey to your bottle of conditioner to get more shiny hair, a teaspoon of olive or argan oil to make your hair extra nourished, or for an oily hair, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to get it extra clean.