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10 things that are always fashionable

Little black dress
Every woman should have this kind of dress in her wardrobe. Whether you need to show up on some official cocktail, at work or evening out, the little black dress will show you everywhere in good light.

White Pearls
Pearls in a form of small necklace are classic. If you’ve ever hated your mother’s pearls, now let them become part of your jewelry, because they never go out of fashion.

Pencil skirt
To have a skirt that will hug your body and which have knee length is something that is required. You can combine this skirt with a nice blouse or shirt. It is ideal for both work and for cocktail parties. It is best to be black, gray or brown.

Classic coat
The classic coat is an excellent choice for every woman. You can either choose a classic beige color or if you do not want bright colors – black.

Fitting jeans
Today, every woman should have at least one pair of nice jeans in their wardrobe, because without them we simply can not live. They should look like they were sewn for you i.e they should not be too too tight or too loose. You can combine them with low heels or high heels.

White shirt
You should always have at least one white shirt. That does not mean that you need to have a classic white shirt. You can choose some shirt that will not look so strict. Combine it with skirt to get more official look or jeans or trousers for casual, everyday look.

Nice jacket
The jacket will emphasize your slim waist and you can combine it with different clothes to get a different look. Choose a jacket that looks good on you or you can order it to be custom made for you.

Cashmere cardigan
This cardigan simply does not out of fashion. Buy a cardigan in a lighter color to give some freshness to your clothes.

Black pants
Whenever you think that you do not have anything to wear in your wardrobe, look for the black trousers. Some women feel better in baggy trousers, and some want to show off their figure in tight pants. Choose some black pants according to your taste. In any case one thing is certain – you will feel comfortable in black pants, and you can combine them with whatever you want.

Flat black shoes
If you have an active and intense day, flat shoes are the best choice for you. They will help you to endure from morning to night without pain to your feet.
Well-selected flat shoes will look just as elegant as the high heels. Therefore, let your feet to rest in them.

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