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10 things every single woman should know

10 things every single woman should know

Until the wold exists, men will attempt to expose the mysteries of the female mind, and the women of the male mind. Many women are forced to discover things the hard way about men, love games and love. Here are 10 things every single woman should know that can help every single lady to avoid some unpleasant love experiences:

10 things every single woman should know

1. Don’t apologize for having standards, it is your right to choose

Don’t accept being with any man just to be with someone. You know best what kind of partner you want and you deserve such a person to love you and be with  you. If you aren’t picky now, you might choose the wrong one and you ‘ll be sorry for the rest of your life.

2. Men choose women like picking apples

Men choose women like picking apples – they can have those that are on the lower branches and easier to reach, but none of them looks so attractive as the one that is on the top. In that moment, they are willing to give their best to reach the most interesting and the most special apple. Well, don’t allow yourself to be ordinary, and don’t give in easily, be who you are – special and unique.

3. Learn from your own mistakes, but also learn from the others

You don’t have to go through 100 different relationships and love troubles to learn how to avoid problems and heartaches. Listen when other people are talking about their failed relationships. You can actually learn a lot about other situations and problems and learn how to successfully avoid them.

4. Men are like buses

This sounds funny, but in most cases it’s true. If he closes the door to his heart in front of your nose, don’t run after him, because there always comes another that can actually be better than the first. What about the first one? He probably didn’t even deserve to be in your presence let alone to be with you.

5. You can learn a lot about him on the first date

You can actually learn a lot about your date by the way he treats the waiter, the taxi driver and how he treats you. If he’s a sweet and kind man, hold him close to you because they’re hard to find. If he’s arrogant and impolite, you might want to stay away from him because some day he might get arrogant and impolite towards you.

6. Stay away from men who treat you bad

People usually don’t change easily, and if he treats you bad, he’ll most likely continue to do so. You should also stay away from men who allow you to treat them bad, because you don’t deserve them and one day he may realize that and leave you without goodbye.

7. Learn how to accept compliments

Men often complain that women don’t know how to accept a compliment and therefore they skip the beautiful words. And usually they’re right. Usually when men give compliments like ‘Today you are especially beautiful’, instead of saying ‘Thank you’ women start with ‘Nonsense, I haven’t slept, my under eye circles are dark and huge etc.’. You deserve compliments, every woman does and learn to accept them! That way you’ll show your confidence and you’ll become more attractive in other people’s eyes.

8. Men don’t like love games

Men usually don’t play love games like women do. If he’s crazy about you, he’ll show it in one way or another and you’ll recognize it immediately. If not, you’ll be confused and you’ll doubt how he feels about you.

9. Go out with a kind of man you usually avoid to go out with

If you are single and been through a lot of relationships, it means that until now you’ve chosen the wrong type of men. So far you’ve probably chosen only the ‘bad boys’ or the ‘mommy’s boy’. It is time for a change. At least once, say ‘no’ to the bad boy that you usually say ‘yes’ and say ‘yes’ to that sweet and kind guy that you always refuse to go out with because you consider him as a ‘friend’.

10. Enjoy your time while you’re single

Don’t become obsessed with starting a new relationship. Once you find the right one, you’ll be with him for the rest of your life. What to do until you find him? Have fun and be happy with what life brings you. It has been proven that happy people are more attractive so smile and be happy.

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