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Anti aging – Skin care for youthful looking skin

Anti aging - Skin care for youthful looking skin

The skin is like an elastic rubber that stretches and contracts with the passing years, it is necessary to take constant care for the skin on a regular basis and keep diet in check at older ages. As the body wears down the functioning of the body wears down with it therefore it is crucial to provide the body with sufficient amount of energy needed to keep it going in an efficient manner. The same rules apply for the health of the skin. There are some things that should be completely avoided once a person starts getting older.

Anti aging - Skin care for youthful looking skinTo hydrate the skin one should plenty of water. Water allows the toxins to be washed away from the body. One should consume at least eight glasses of water a day. This will protect the skin and the body leaving it less prone to damage. A healthy routine is necessary for a hygienic lifestyle this includes plenty of sleep that would relax the mind and the body. An improved diet provides the body with sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that the body needs o function properly. For a healthy and glowing skin in the long run a person needs to simply take care of his or her health while providing the body with ample amounts of nutrition to be staying fit and looking young.

For people of older age the secret to beautiful skin is constant care for the skin, applying mild soap and washing the skin to keep the pores clean. Excessive washing should be avoided since it can cause irritation and constant rubbing can damage the skin and even cause wrinkles. The sun should be avoided most of the time. The sunlight provides the body with vitamin D therefore staying in the dark like a hermit is not exactly but it would be necessary to apply sunscreen that is non comedogenic and does not cause irritation to the skin. Excessive sunlight can make the skin sensitive and lead to increase in wrinkles.

Smoking should be avoided since it narrows the blood vessels that provide oxygen to the skin. Smoking also causes severe health complication and can lead to lung, mouth and throat cancer. It is very harmful for the skin since it reduces the collagen and elastin levels in the skin making it appear less elastic and dry.

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