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Nuts can be natural food aphrodisiac

Nuts can be natural food aphrodisiac

Recent studies have shown that nuts are among food aphrodisiacs which enhance the sexual desire in both men and women. So nuts can be natural food aphrodisiac and they may improve the nervous system function and the pleasure center.

Nuts can be natural food aphrodisiacIt’s said that women should eat 3 oz peanuts two to three hours before they’re intimate with their partner. Phosphorus that nuts contain, affects the sexual desire and the B vitamins contribute to the production of testosterone in men.

In order to be natural food aphrodisiac and to have health properties, nut must be stored properly, otherwise they may become toxic.

Because the fat content, they must be kept in dry and cool place, and must be in an opaque container, but they can also be stored in a ziploc bag wrapped in a dark foil. The container in which nuts are stored, must be dark so it’ll protect the nuts from exposure to direct sunlight. Thus, the nuts can’t rot and produce aflatoxins.

Also a good tip is after opening the package to keep the nuts in your refrigerator or freezer. This way they’ll stay fresh for longer.

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