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Flirting Tips for Girls – How to Flirt with a Guy

Flirting Tips for Girls - How to Flirt with a Guy

We can say that flirting is an art, because in fact, flirting is one of the oldest arts in the world. In the past, beautiful women were taught how to use their beauty to seduce a man and come to power. Some of these women were able to seduce a men at a first sight.

If you have seen the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ or if you’ve read the history of Cleopatra, then you know that the ability to flirt is power. Nowadays, flirting is a necessary thing to win the man of your life, and to keep him interested in you. With the power of flirting, you can make your man yearn for you and make him want you more and more.

Flirting Tips for Girls - How to Flirt with a Guy

Don’t say that you can’t flirt, because every woman can flirt, you simply need to find the appropriate way. You must be able to show your femininity and to be moderate in the same time so you’ll look irresistible to the man you want to conquer.

Flirting starts from the inside. Knowing your good qualities and using them as a base, you can conquer the art of flirting in no time. You only need to know that everyone is different everyone flirts in different way, you just need to find yours. But usually there are two types of flirting:

Types of flirting – Innocent flirting

There are situations when you might not realize that you’re actually flirting with someone. The gentle smile that you give to a man who open the door for you or when you greet a handsome guy is  a way of innocent flirting. The same apples when you compliment someone about their appearance in a flirty way. All people enjoy these innocent flirts and continue to do them. This type of flirting is innocent, but it delivers satisfaction, it can increase your self-esteem and makes communication with people more fun.

Types of flirting – Flirting one-on-one

The innocent flirting is not at all difficult and exciting as the flirting one-on-one. You could say that this type of flirting is the real test to see whether you have mastered the art of flirting. Tis type of flirting is used by single women to get the man that they like, women in a serious relationship to maintain the spark and married women to spice up the married life.

Flirting Tips for Girls – How to Flirt with a Guy

Flirting tips for girls – Find the perfect timing

There are many tactics of flirting and you can master them all, but if you don’t know how to choose the perfect timing, don’t expect the flirting to end successfully. Evaluate the situation you’re in and assess whether the time and place is appropriate for flirting, If you make a wrong assessment, you risk to create an awkward tension between you two and to leave the wrong impression.

How to flirt with a guy – Attack and retreat

The attack and retreat method is used by both men and women to create interest. It’s a dynamic tactic that goes something like this: You first give attention, and then step back and retreat.  The first step can start for example with a long eye contact, then you interrupt the eye contact and look somewhere else, and then you return in the game with a seductive look. After that you can continue flirting with your mouth, with a smile, with words, with your drink and so on. The possibilities are endless, but making a long and seductive eye contact is a must.

Flirting tips for girls – Moderation is the key

There is almost no man on this planet who can resist a charming woman who decided that he should be the center of her flirting. But to keep up his interest, you need to know when to step back. Even you’re the hunter in this game of flirting, at some point you have to give him time to surrender and take steps towards you. You should be the queen of moderation. You need to know where the limit line is and never step over it.

How to flirt with a guy – Pass the ball

This part of the flirting will decide whether you have successfully flirted or not. As much as you want to flirt and be the leader, we women are far more likely to be hunted and conquered. When you start to flirt, there comes a point when you need to pass the ball to him. The only thing is, you need to figure out when it’s time to let him take the lead. When he looks at you with respect and when he tries to keep your attention, you can let him lead the flirting game.

Flirting tips for girls – Let yourself be conquered

Learn to flirt with style and without looking too desperate, and you’ll be irresistible to him. Men love to be the hunters and to conquer women, so if you feel that he wants to conquer you and not he other way around, let yourself be conquered.

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