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4 Must have fashion accessories for spring

4 Must have fashion accessories for spring

Planning your spring outfit is complex, but also a fascinating project. To get ready for the spring, you need to organised your closet and get your spring clothes and maybe go shopping for new things. To get the perfect outfit, you need to combine your clothes with fresh and interesting hairstyle, but also you should use the magic of fashion accessories that make every outfit complete.

In order to help you finish your look with modern details, we selected the most impressive trends of fashion accessories for this spring season.

4 Must have fashion accessories for spring

Must have fashion accessories for spring – Sunglasses

‘Cat eye’ sunglasses

The ‘cat eye’ sunglasses will give you a chance to take a trip back to the 50s and 60s when this fashion accessory was worn by the queens of fashion. This interesting trend will be especially good for women with heart or square face shape, and these sunglasses will look absolutely perfect on them.

Aviator sunglasses

The aviator glasses  are among the biggest and the most widely accepted trends for several seasons. Their popularity is due maybe because they are so easy to fit into different styles. Don’t hesitate whether to add this kind of sunglasses into your spring accessories collection. The aviator sunglasses will keep their place on the fashion scene for at least another few seasons.

Big retro sunglasses

The big retro sunglasses are a favorite among the fashion community because they give glamorous effect to any outfit. Their popularity began to rise into the 70s and 80s, but today they’re just as accepted as when they were a real hit. Because of their popularity, the big sunglasses can be found in various shapes and colors. Whether you choose black, white, in a different color or patterns, big retro sunglasses are a fantastic accessory not just for spring, but for the whole year.

Must have fashion accessories for spring – Bags

‘Hand candy’ clutches

The fashion runways are painted in strong colors this spring season. And when these spectacular colors are added to trendy small bags and clutches, you get a ‘hand candy’. Having a small clutch in bright fresh color, will give you a simple way to defeat the monotony of your outfit and it is safe way to add fresh spring colors if you don’t like wearing too bright clothes. Pick neon blue, pink, orange, green or lemony-yellow clutch and carry your belongings in style.

Small white elegant handbags

Contrasting the trend of strong and bright spring colors are the small and elegant white handbags. The large oversize bags in which you can carry everything that you can thing of have withdrew from the fashion scene and made more room for the small and elegant handbags in which you can only carry your most necessary things. Choose a small white handbag with metal details. If you don’t like white handbags, you can choose elegant handbags in neutral colors like nude, cream and sand color.

Classic handbags

The mid size handbags made from quality material that has minimal amount of details is a classic that oozes charm and elegance. This type of handbag usually has a smooth and classic effect with nice pronounced stitching and sturdy handles and they usually don’t come with shoulder strap because they’re intended to be carried in your hand. They usually come in natural colors, but sometimes they can have some pattern or color block effect. Many fashion houses have one or couple of classic signature handbags, and they’re a classic because you can wear them everyday and they go perfect with almost any outfit.

Must have fashion accessories for spring – Hats

Caps in all shapes and sizes

This spring / summer season on the catwalk we’ve seen caps in all shapes, sizes and colors. They come in every color, pattern and design that you can imagine and they’re a good addition to your casual and sporty outfit. Choose the model and material that suits your style and rock a cap this spring.

Big floppy hats

Back in the 70s large floppy hats with a wavy edges were an absolute hit and this spring they’re fashionable again. A big floppy hat will protect your face from the sun in an elegant and chic way. It’s best to combine this hat with maxi dress in summer colors or patterns or a more elegant and chic outfit.

Panama hat charm

If you’re looking for a trend that will separate you from the others, then definitely the Panama hat is the one for you. Traditionally these are straw hats, but the hats that are just ‘imitating’ the form of the Panama hat are also modern, and are actually made of other materials. Combine your Panama hat with a spring dress or outfit that has airy materials for a fresh spring look.

Must have fashion accessories for spring – Jewelry

Very impressive bracelets

Highlight your hands with a very large and unique bracelets. You can also combine several bracelets in similar shades of the same color or with similar patterns. It is great to choose bracelets in different colors if you wear an outfit in nude color, like white or beige. But if you’re wearing colorful clothes, it’s better to choose bracelets in a color that’s complementing your outfit, but in different shades. If you want to play it safe, you can always choose gold, silver or rose gold bracelets. In any case, the bracelets should be large and impressive.

Unique earrings

Small or big, dangle or stud, the unique  earrings are the most trendy piece of jewelry this season, and the designers chose big or mismatched earrings as their favorites. The most important thing is that the earrings must be unusual and effective, and you can choose any color that you want. Also, if you don’t like wearing statement earrings, you can wear classic earrings too and combine them with your elegant outfit.

Statement necklaces

Size is important, at least when it comes to modern statement necklaces for this spring season. The bigger and more unusual the necklace is, the better. A great choice are the necklaces that look like a collar, multi layered necklaces, simple but big geometric necklaces and necklaces with big and sparkly elements. And the best thing is that statement necklace can make even he simplest T-shirt more elegant.

Rose gold

It is said that gold and silver don’t go out of fashion, but each season one is more popular than the other. For several years now, rose gold is an absolute hit. Its interesting color and shine will be great during the spring and summer days, so make sure that you have at least one piece of jewelry in rose gold.

Certainly, this isn’t the final list of spring fashion accessories. You shouldn’t skip the belts and patterned scarves that can be worn on the head, neck or tied like a handbag.

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