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How to approach a guy that you like

How to approach a guy that you like

The time when men always made ​​the first step is in the past. Today many women are taking matters into their own hands and find a way to express their interest without leaving the wrong impression.

The first thing you should know if you decide to approach a guy that you like is that it really depends on the situation and location. For example: if you’re in a bar you can approach him more openly than if you’re in the supermarket. If you’re on the beach you can easily start an entertaining conversation than if you’re in a library, etc.

How to approach a guy that you like

How to approach a guy that you like?

Be positive and flirt, first from a distance then in person. Try to draw his attention with your positive mood. Try to stand out with a friendly and somewhat shy smile among all other women. If you notice that sometimes he stares at you, it means that the road will be open when you want to approach him.

The bar is a place where people are most relaxed, they go out to have a great time and because of this, this is the most relaxed place to take the first step.

Here is one example how to approach a guy that you like when you’re in a bar:

He’s sitting at the bar with his friends. What you need to do is to go to order drinks for you and your friends. While you’re going to the bar, try to make an eye contact with him. When you get there and place your order, start to comment about the song that is playing at the moment or how the atmosphere and the evening is great. When your drinks are finished, you can ask him to help you to take them to your friends.

Another place that is great for you to approach a guy that you like is at the coffee shop. Here is one example how to approach him when you’re in a coffee shop.

You’re waiting in line to get your coffee. You can ask him if he gets here often and what kind of coffee he recommends. Or if you’re sitting on tables that are close enough, you can start a conversation about what kind of coffee he likes or what other coffee shops he can recommend, or you can ‘accidentally’ spill a few drops of coffee on your table and ask him for a napkin and then joke about it. If he’s sitting in a cafe with his laptop or smartphone in front of him, ask him whether if he likes the brand, and comment casually that you consider buying a similar one. After his response, you’ll see if there’s a spark between you two.

How to break the ice and approach a guy that you like?

Comment on the magazine or book that he reads. If you see him holding a book or magazine, give a short comment. If this is the book that you have read, comment how you liked the book and ask him if he likes it. If you interested, just great length begins to explain the actual book.

Ask him for help. Men like to be knights in shiny armors that help damsels in distress. Once you ask him for help, it will be easy for you two to continue with the conversation. Depending on the situation, there are many things that you can ask him for help, like in the supermarket ask him to get the shampoo from the highest shelf, or if you’re in the gym ask him to show you how to use fitness equipment properly.

Comment on the situation in which you two are. If you wait in line at to pay for something, comment about the situation. If you don’t know what to comment about, look around. You’ll always find something that appeals to everyone or something that will trigger a conversation like how you like his sneakers, sunglasses or how the coffee aroma is wonderful etc. Comment about pleasant things, don’t complain like how you hate to wait in line etc. Be inventive and depending on the circumstances think of an appealing way to start a conversation with that will catch his attention.

What you shouldn’t do to approach him?

There are also a few additional things that you shouldn’t do if you want to approach him.

Don’t go alone in a bar. If you’re sitting alone at the bar, you’ll instantly attract attention, but most of that attention will be for the wrong reasons, because almost every free man will try to seduce you for a one night stand, and you surely don’t want that.

Don’t get drunk. Alcohol can really boost your courage to approach him, but if you drink excessively, you risk to leave him the wrong impression. Imagine a drunk girl that flirts, it doesn’t look attractive nor sophisticated. The worst part is that alcohol affects your ability of reasoning, and it is likely that you’ll attract the attention of a type of guy that you don’t like.

Don’t go with 10 of your friends. Getting out with a big company is fun, but it is also hard for you to be available. If you intend to flirt and win your guy, it is best to go out with 2-3 of your friends. So, if you find one that you sent home, the other two will be able to continue the friendship.

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