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15 early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

15 early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

At one point or another, women in reproductive age sometimes ask the big question: ‘Am I pregnant?’. Those who expect a positive result and those who hope that the result is negative, start to think about the signs that their body sends, and also about the early symptoms of pregnancy.

The first symptoms that suggest that a new life is conceived are different for every women. In fact, they may vary for same woman during different pregnancies.

Important! Don’t rely too much on body symptoms and pregnancy tests, because they are not 100% accurate. Visit your doctor immediately if you think that you’re pregnant.

Besides missed period, the list of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy may include the following signs:

15 early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy – Fatigue and drowsiness

Are you feeling tired and you can’t explain why you’re so sleepy? It could be due to the increased level of hormones in your body. For many women, fatigue continues throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. If you suspect that you are pregnant, don’t drink too many cups of coffee to feel better, but listen to your body and get some rest.

Early signs of pregnancy – Nausea and morning sickness

Most pregnant women start to have morning sickness in the sixth week of pregnancy, but in some women nausea can occur much earlier. Although the nausea is usually a morning thing, it can actually occur at any time of day and it isn’t necessarily accompanied by vomiting.

Early symptoms of pregnancy – Dizziness and fainting

You probably remember that in the TV series the dizziness and fainting were always announcing the pregnancy of the main character. In reality these two things are considered as early symptoms of pregnancy. The fainting can be caused by the drop of blood sugar levels and the dizziness – by drop of blood pressure.

Early sign of pregnancy – Sensitive, swollen breasts

Even in the second or the third week of pregnancy your breasts may become larger and more sensitive. Putting the bra can become a kind of little torture, because it will cause some discomfort and pain. Also, the chest veins may become more visible.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Light bleeding

Are there some small spots of bright red blood on your panties? The bleeding can be caused by the implantation. It occurs when the embryo attaches to the uterus.

Early sign of pregnancy – Frequent urination, especially at night

If you can’t pass the night without visiting the toilet, then it is a possible signal from your body that you’ll become a mother.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Cramps in the lower abdomen

Do you experience some pain and cramps in your lower abdomen? It can simply be PMS or your uterus is preparing for pregnancy. However, it is difficult to say with certainty what is the true reason.

Early sign of pregnancy – Pain in the lower back

Although rare, the back pain can happen in the first weeks of pregnancy. The bad news is that if you are pregnant, you won’t get rid of the pain in the back until delivery.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Aversion to certain foods, cravings for another

If you suddenly notice that you are disgusted even from the thought of certain foods which you consumed previously without a problem or if you can’t get enough from other foods, maybe your body tells you that you are pregnant.

Early sign of pregnancy – Elevated basal body temperature

The basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature attained by during resting (usually during sleep). In the period from ovulation to the start of the menstrual bleeding, the basal body temperature rises and then falls. But if you are pregnant, the basal body temperature remains elevated. To notice this symptom, you need to regularly measure your basal body temperature.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Better sense of smell

Pregnant women are sensitive to odors. Suddenly your friend’s perfume can become repulsive, your favorite shower gel can smell odd or the smell of the garbage bin may bother you even when it is in a large distance from you.

Early sign of pregnancy – Constipation and bloating

The increase in progesterone levels in early pregnancy slows the digestive system and can lead to the occurrence of constipation.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Mood swings

You start to yell to your partner for no reason? Maybe your rebellion is due to changes in your body caused by pregnancy.

Early sign of pregnancy – Shortness of breath

Some women when becoming pregnant can have shortness of breath because they require more oxygen for the growing fetus. As woman advances in her pregnancy, the shortness of breath becomes more often.

Early symptom of pregnancy – Frequent headaches

Increased levels of hormones during pregnancy can be a cause of frequent headaches.

Keep in mind that many of the early symptoms of pregnancy are similar to those of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), or may refer to another health condition. For example:

– Missed period may be due to a strong stress, sudden increase or decrease of body weight or hormonal problems;
– Sensitive breasts may be a result of PMS, taking contraceptive pills or hormonal problems;
– Frequent urination may be caused by urinary infection, diabetes, increased drinking of fluids or taking diuretics.

Relatively accurate answer to the question ‘Am I pregnant?’ can be given by a home pregnancy test that you can do 14 days after the intercourse, and the most reliable answer you can get is from your doctor. So if you’re in a doubt, book an appointment at your doctor.

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