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11 of the Best Winter Accessories – Winter Accessory Trends

11 of the Best Winter Accessories - Winter Accessory Trends

Winter is the time of the year when you can experiment with lots of winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. But whatever you choose, it should be sophisticated and cozy, and you should do it with lots of imagination and with daring approach to everything new. Look at the winter fashion accessories like pieces that can finish your look, but you can also use them as a base to build your outfit. Here are the most popular winter fashion accessories that dominate this winter season:

Winter Accessory Trends - 11 of the Best Winter Accessories

Winter Fashion Accessories – Long Gloves

Gloves are a very important winter fashion accessory. Forget the simple models and choose something that will show your experimental and stylish capabilities. The long gloves reaching up to your elbows are an unmistakable choice and they can be knitted or made from leather or suede.

And be adventurous with the colors. Choose bright or pastel colors or just choose a multi colored ones. You can leave maximum impression if you combine them with winter coat that has shorter sleeves or a modern cloak.

Winter Accessories – Little Purses

Forget the big handbags that you usually wear on your shoulder and replace them with a smaller purse that you can wear across your body or a cute clutch that can hang on your wrist.

Envelope-handbags are no longer intended just for a night out or a party, so it is time to carry just the necessities with you and relax your shoulders from the big bags. There is no actual size limit but the small ones are more preferable. An interesting trend are the large envelope purses that also have a long removable handle and you can wear them across your body or as a clutch.

Your small bag can be adorned with crystals, colorful stones, studs or metal details for a edgy look. Or it can have fringe and it can be made from leather or suede for more relaxed and boho look.

Winter Fashion Accessory – Impressive Jewelry

The jewelry this winter season should be extravagant, impressive and unusually large. If you decide to wear this kind of jewelry, your simplest outfit will become unique and memorable.

The long dangling earrings are a crucial piece of jewelry that you must have this winter. When it comes to rings, the more rings, the better.

Bring attention to your neck and make your simple dark outfit more interesting with a large necklace like simple metal choker or large necklace entwined with chains or made with large multicolored crystals or colorful stones.

Winter Accessory – Cute Belt

Highlight your feminine figure with a belt. Belts can perfectly complement modern pants and skirts with high waist, and can be worn over long knitted sweaters, tunics or coats. You can choose belts made with any kind of material as long as they match the rest of your outfit.

Winter Fashion Accessories – Dazzling Accessories

Fashion accessories decorated with transparent or colored stones, or dazzling crystals can make your outfit more sophisticated and chic.

You shouldn’t wear your sparkly winter accessories just for the Christmas holidays. Add some glamorous sparkle to your everyday dress, and don’t skip them when you are creating outfits for a nights out.

Winter Accessories – Stylish Hats

The winter hat is a sort of a crown that finishes your winter look. For this winter, choose a winter hat that’s knitted or felted, simple or adorned with pom pom made with fake fur or decorated with sequins or crystals.

You can also choose big winter hat made from fake fur or you can wear a fedora hat or a wide brimmed hat that you can combine with a classic coat for a very sophisticated look.

Winter Fashion Trend – Color-blocking

This trend, simply called ‘color-blocking’ became such a big hit that instantly won the hearts of fashionistas and it continues to be in their outfit combinations. This fashion trend is seen in magazines, on the red carpet, and on the runway. The color-blocking trend is used not only in clothes, but in the winter accessories too.

Winter Fashion Trends – Fake Fur Details

Low temperatures are always associated with fur, but in the last two years the furry obsession is greater than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a purse, gloves, shoes or hat with fake fur, or you just have a details here and there made of this soft material. And don’t forget: Save the animals and choose fake fur!

Winter Fashion Trend – Winter White

White color is no longer just a summer hit. In fact, in winter it is necessary to incorporate this winter fashion trend in your outfits and fashion winter accessories. The purity of the white color looks especially elegant on a snowy winter days.

Winter Fashion Trends – Contrasting Textures

The contrasting textures incorporated in an unique fashion accessory is a winter fashion trend that can easily break the monotony of an outfit. Leather with fur, velvet with lacquered leather, snake skin with suede… The choice is yours.

Winter Fashion Trend – Print Mix

Fashion designers are incorporating different prints in their creations to kill the monotony in their creations. While fashion stylists recommend mixing different prints, it’s really hard to get a harmonious combination, so if you don’t want to risk it, stick to one pattern only.

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