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Six types of sex

Six types of sex

Even when it comes to making love, some people prefer it gentle, others prefer passion and even rudeness and third spontaneous. All in all, it’s good, if it’s not always the same. Endless repetition of the same thing can destroy even the deepest feelings. Don’t be afraid of diversity, don’t be afraid of change – the world of sexual relations is a broad and diverse. Of course, the types of sex aren’t limited to 6. There are much more and you can discover new ones and maybe you and your partner can invent some.

Six types of sexEmotional Sex (Mix of soul and body)

When two people are spiritually close, making love becomes a high point of their relationship, and it’s a full merging of the two lovers – not only physically but also emotionally. When two partners have intimate relations with the feeling that their connection is extremely strong, the sex is their ability to live through a unique experiences. Nothing can compare to making love when you and your partner are in love in one another.

Passionate sex (I want it here and now)

How good can sex be, when it’s driven by desires that no one can resist? And who says that married people can’t make love passionately? It’s true that often in marriages the spouses face all kind of pleasant and unpleasant experiences together and making love can sometimes be the least important thing especially if they have children. But even if you’re not particularly in mood for sex, you shouldn’t turn your back to your man. Who knows – maybe after 10 minutes you’ll have the power to do completely different things? Indulge with your partner without thinking too much – such moments shouldn’t be missed!

Funny sex (Laughing is good)

It isn’t always necessary to treat sex as something that’s very serious. It can be funny. In this case it’s important that both partners have the ability to make love with a sense of humor. Don’t feel embarrassed if something happens at the wrong time – like you hurting your leg or back when you’re making love. If it’s not too serious and it looks funny, don’t hesitate to add a few laughs into your passion. Sometimes humor is the thing that’s able to fix interrupted intimate relationships between partners more than a serious talk.

Gentle sex (Everything I do is because of you)

The modern woman doesn’t look particularly fragile and sensitive as a gentle flower, but she needs tenderness. Light touch, massage, kisses – that provides a huge enjoyment. And that can open the way to an unforgettable night. Gentle caresses are the best way to fight fatigue and stress. When your partner feels that you’re having not only sexual desire but also a desire to share your problems with him and you can use his help to overcome them, he can respond in a way that will make you both happy.

Angry sex (Love me when you hate me)

It may be strange, but some couples engage in sex before, during and after some scandals. When frustration builds up, you can start a conversation with an increased tone, which can end with passionate moments in the bed. Be aware, however, that sex may play a conciliatory role only when you generally seek to restore normal relations. If the problems between you are interrupted by sex –  not only you won’t reconcile, but also it may be another bad experience.

Experimental sex (Create, invent, try!)

Even if you’re really against trying new things in bed, don’t reject the possibility to experiment. You both should discuss in advance what you plan to do that night: this conversation will heat the atmosphere even more. Feel free to discuss your fantasies, make experiments and discuss your observations during the experiment. It doesn’t have to be something drastic, a new provocative underwear or new sex toy can sometimes be enough. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and if you don’t like it, just try something new and be creative. It is up to you two whether your intimate relationship will be exciting or boring. Create love with your own hands!

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