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Woman’s sitting posture shows sex desire and character

Woman's sitting posture shows sex desire and character

Playing with her hair and smiling seductively shows that a woman is flirting and wants an intimacy, but that is also visible by the way she sits and crosses her legs. Psychologists found that the way women place their legs when they sit, sends subconscious signals to men.

Woman's sitting posture shows sex desire and characterConfident women who have high self-esteem and love to make men to want them, sit with their legs on full display and they’re repeatedly crossing their legs. Communicative, open and flirty women sit with their legs crossed, from their knees to their feet their legs form a wide angle and they move with their ankle. These ladies are looking for single man’s attention and almost without any effort they get it.

Scientists say that the active women bend place of their legs forward and the other stays in the back. They subconsciously have taken a starting position, like they’re ready for a race and they’re ready for a new achievements and endeavors.

The serious and independent nature is evident in women that press their thighs firmly to one another in the bend the knees in one side. This is an indirect way to show patience and calm, mixed with resistance. When they are nervous, and waiting, they instinctively press both heels to their chair.

Passive women that doesn’t want to take the first step when it comes to men, place their legs together in front of them. This pose shows passiveness and lethargy. These women don’t take the first step, and they always expect the man to ask them first.

Women who are sex goddesses sit with their legs placed on a table or desk. They are very open minded women who are ready to make things steamy. These ladies are not passive at all, and when they identify the target, they shoot at it.