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Most Wearable Fashion Color Trends of Fall

Colors that are stylish this fall 2013

Luxurious, romantic, practical and complex are the actual colors for the fall season. Although the designers again opted for natural, earthy and neutral colors, they also showed out their creativity through inventive use of interesting shades and hues that leave us enchanted. Here are the most wearable fashion color trends of fall according to Pantone:

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Emerald

Emerald is a perfect shade of green with a dash of blue, which can remind us of unreachable ocean depths and magical allure of precious emerald. Combine emerald with dark blue to create an irresistible luxurious harmony.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Mykonos Blue

Mykonos blue is the blue of choice for this fall season. It gives a classic and almost aristocratic feel, while at the same time it’s relaxed and casual.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Linden Green

This warm and exotic shade of yellow mixed with a touch of green is the perfect fashion color for this fall season. Although at first glance it may seem problematic to mix and match, linden green can be matched harmoniously with many other colors, including gray, dark purple and red.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Acai

When you think about acai berry and its color, the first thing that comes to mind is deep and rich purple. And that’s exactly what this color is. While the color seems a bit dramatic and strong, it can be combined with almost any other color, bold or neutral.

Colors that are stylish this fall 2013

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Samba

Let this fiery red color take you to Rio de Janeiro carnival and give you an emotion of celebration and excitement. Don’t let the fall weather and rain to make you feel blue, put your Samba red dress on and have fun. If you don’t like wearing red as a dominant color, then you can liven up any outfit by adding a bag, scarf or a coat in Samba red.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Koi

Koi is widely known as an ornamental carp that symbolizes many things like good fortune, strength of purpose, love etc. But more importantly, this color can be a statement color that will make your outfit dazzling and bold. It can be combined with other colors too, but it’s best to keep it as a statement color.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Deep Lichen Green

Deep Lichen Green just might be the most popular fashion color trend of the fall season. You can literally see it everywhere, from shirts to pants, but it’s most used on military style jackets because it reminds a lot of khaki and army green. This lush color can be a base for any outfit and it can be combined with almost any color, from red to blue. So in your next shopping trip, don’t forget to pick a pair of Deep Lichen Green pants or military style jacket that will make your fall wardrobe complete.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Vivacious

Vivacious reminds us of something wild and fresh, something that is unexpected for fall. And there it is, bright deep fuchsia that will add dazzle and sparkle to any boring fall outfit. If you want to stand out from the crowd, or just want some refreshment from the neutral fall colors, add a touch of  Vivacious and you’re good to go.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Turbulence

No color palette will be complete without some gray in it. Turbulence is just that, rich, deep and luxurious gray that screams sensuality and drama. A great basic color to be paired with more expressive fall colors like Vivacious and Koi, but also a color that can will bring elegance and sophistication if worn alone.

Fashion Color Trend of Fall – Carafe

We all now what the most dominant color in fall is: brown. Carafe is a rich brow color that reminds of nice cup of fresh coffee or a hot chocolate. It is a warm color that is a great alternative to black. You can feel elegant by wearing a dress in this color to a diner party or to the office, but you must admit that nothing sounds better than a cozy and soft Carafe colored oversized sweater and a cup of aromatic coffee or hot chocolate in those lazy and rainy fall afternoons.

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