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Men are cause for most fights in the relationship

Disputes are a normal occurrence in every relationship. But when they become a verbal fight, women are the ones who suffer more because they feel more sorrow and pain than men.

Scientists have confirmed that women are more upset during arguments and they take arguments more seriosly.

The same study found that women have a reason to be bothered, because mostly men are causing problems in the relationship.

In this Spanish study were involved 142 men and women who were put into different situations in which couples would have started to argue.

In situations where one partner had been insulted or not respected, women felt worse, and in situations in which one partner was physically aggressive during the fight, women felt more emotional pain than men.

Researchers found that women have more intense emotions than men in moments when some conflict occurs. They believe that the men are behind the fights because they show their emotions in more powerful way.

During the fights, men showed more dominant or powerful emotions like anger, resentment, hate, and women showed submissive emotions such as guilt, sadness and fear.