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Beauty Product Review – Lush Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

Review of Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar

Review overview

Product / Quality:10
Organic / Cruelty Free:9



Like the name suggest, Shimmy Shimmy is a sweet scented, shimmery massage bar from Lush. This little shimmery heart can be bought separately but it is also included in many Lush gifts like Sweetie Pie (which is available all year round), The Sweetest Thing (UK edition only) and Stardust and Snow Fairy gift box (Christmas editions).  You can get this 1 oz. (30 g) sweet massage bar at a price of $7.45 (£4.50 in UK).

Lush’s description of this massage bar is:

The flirty extrovert of our Solid Body Tint range, Shimmy Shimmy leaves you with sexy, glowing skin. It’s shaped like a heart and smells rather beautifully of vanilla and lavender, with a hint of herbal clary sage – just the thing to get hearts racing indeed.

So, let’s go on with the review of Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar:

Review of Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar

Product / Quality:

Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar is shaped like an uneven heart, the color is white and you can clearly see the golden glitter, especially when you flip it over. Because Lush uses only fresh organic ingredients, you can really tell that the quality of this product is excellent.  It is a massage bar or solid lotion (it depends on how you want to use it) so the oils melt once you start rubbing it onto your skin. You don’t need to apply a lot, just rub a small amount on your skin or in your palms and then apply it evenly with your hands. If you apply it on a warm and damp skin (just after you get out of the shower) it absorbs a bit better. It leaves the skin nice and soft with a very pleasant scent and with an added bonus – shimmer. If you’re not a fan of glitter, don’t worry, the gold iridescent glitter in Shimmy Shimmy is very fine and it is no visible on dim light, so you can’t really tell that it is there unless you’re exposed to sunlight or strong lights.

For the best result – don’t overdo it. If you apply too much of the product and you think that you look too shimmery, you can take some of the glitter off with a towel.

Lush's Shimmy Shimmy body lotion


The smell is amazing! It smells sweet, you can definitely tell that there’s vanilla in there but it is not overpowering. The other essential oils (Clary Sage Oil and Lavender Oil) mellow down the vanilla so the smell is not sickly sweet.  Shimmy Shimmy has lavender and sage oil, but you can’t really smell the lavender or the sage, so if you don’t like this scents but you love vanilla, you might want to try Shimmy Shimmy out.

All in all, Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar smells sweet, but not too sweet and once applied the smell is very long lasting. If you love sweet fragrances – this massage bar / body lotion is for you, but even if you’re not fan of sweet scents you might still like it.


Even though it looks a bit pricey $7.45 for 1 oz (£4.50 for 30 g in UK), the price is very affordable. At first glance it looks like you’re getting a small sized product, but it lasts a really long time. Keep it in a dry and cool place so it won’t melt, and you will have an amazing massage bar for 4-5 months or up to a year if you don’t use it too often.

Organic / Cruelty Free:

If you have never heard of Lush, they’re known for their fresh organic ingredients in all of their products and also their cruelty free policy. The ingredients of this sweet massage bar are:

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate and Titanium Dioxide, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Clary Sage Oil, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Linalool, Coumarin

So Shimmy Shimmy is a massage bar made with natural ingredients that is also preservative and cruelty free.

A backside of Lush Shimmy Shimmy


This Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar was part of a Snow Fairy gift box, so the whole packaging looked lovely. If you buy it separately, it will probably be packed in a Lush paper bag (Lush’s green policy).

Overall, Shimmy Shimmy is a great product, that can also be a prefect gift. Because of the shimmer it might not be very appropriate for daytime, but it’s fun to use for a night out or for a special occasions.

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