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7 Fall Makeup Trends You Need to Be Wearing

Fall / winter 2013 makeup trends - dark red lipstickFall / winter 2013 makeup trend is the dark red lipstick

The makeup for the fall season goes in two different directions – on one hand there is the natural minimalist look, while on the other hand there are the dramatic and heavy vamp lips and cat eyes. Here are 7 fall makeup trends you need to be wearing:

Fall Makeup Trend – Wine bordeaux lips

This is the time to feel the magic of dark and dramatic lips. You should choose red lipstick, but you need to focus on shades of dark red wine.

Crimson lips shine with mystery and sexiness. For maximum effect, pair the dark red lips with very minimal eye and face makeup.

7 Fall Makeup Trends You Need to Be Wearing
One of the main fall makeup trends is the dark red lipstick

Fall Makeup Trend – Dark and daring look

Dark and dramatic makeup has made a big comeback to the fashion scene and that means experimenting with your makeup. Black and dark gray eyeshadow will help you to quickly get that bold and dramatic look.

Line the upper and lower eyelid with a dark pencil and then gently smudge the lines to get smoky eyes. But remember, if you’re using dramatic makeup on your eyes, keep your lips nude or natural.

Fall Makeup Trend – 60s cat eyes

The precisely lined cat eyes continue to dominate the fashion scene. Play with the thickness and length of the line on the upper eyelid to adjust the makeup for a day or night out.

You can get a softer look if you replace the liquid eyeliner with an eyeshadow that you’ll carefully apply with a thin brush. Experiment with liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, eye pencil or eyeshadow and get the look that you want.

Fall Makeup Trend – Minimal and natural

Velvet skin with natural glow and minimal eye makeup will give you a romantic and feminine natural look.

The idea is to visually look like you forgot to put some makeup on. Choose beige and cream eye shadows, a bit of mascara and  minimal peachy blush on the cheeks that will give a bit of color as if you were exposed to a cool breeze.

Fall Makeup Trend – Full and impressive eyebrows

Use the tweezers sparingly – full and striking eyebrows are really modern fall trend Leave the thin eyebrows in the past and rock a fuller and more dramatic eyebrows.

Give your brows a bit more power by filling them in with a brow pencil in a matching color.

Fall Makeup Trend – Metallic eyes

Get a hypnotizing and mystical look with a metallic eye makeup. Choose a silver eyeliner for a futuristic look or gold for a glamorous and timeless look. You can also choose a copper eyeliner that goes well with almost every eye color, and why not trying a rose gold eyeliner also.

Fall Makeup Trend – Chocolate or copper smoky eyes

In the summer the blue and green eye shadow were the most dominant, but now the focus is placed on the brown and copper shades.

For your daily look use chocolate eye shadows with a matte finish, and for a night out and special occasions allow yourself the luxury of sparkling copper shades.

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