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There’s link between man’s brain and sperm

There's link between man's brain and sperm

The U.S. researchers claim that there’s a link between man’s brain and sperm, according to which men with higher intelligence are less fertile than men with lower intelligence. Therefore, those who don’t shine with their mind, never have a shortage of sperm.

There's link between man's brain and spermAccording to researchers, there is direct link between the size of the testes with man’s brain development, and that is caused by the high levels of energy spent for brain development rather than reproductive organs. Experts say that for both things a substantial stock of energy is required, and the male body can’t give it to both processes.

During the study it was found that the behavior of the man’s partner also influences the volume of semen. Also if the man was monogamous it reduces its quantity. However, if the man is monogamous then the energy is spent on brain development and these men are generally smarter, say the authors of the study.

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