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Care for the eyelashes

To protect your eyelashes you need to follow a few tips:

Remove makeup properly. Many women often rush while removing they eye makeup, because eyelashes and the eyes are the place where it is the hardest to clean make-up. If you do not try to correctly and completely remove the makeup, your eyelashes will suffer. You should take care for the eyelashes like you do for the skin.
Do not rub your eyes in the morning. This is very widespread unconscious habit when you’re waking up. This habit may cause tearing of the eyelashes. So, be careful and avoid rubbing your eyes.
Curl your eyelashes only when you really need to. If you really don’t need to, just apply mascara.
Find a suitable mascara. Waterproof mascaras are very difficult to remove from the eyes, so you should avoid them. Use waterproof mascaras only in certain cases when you know that some water will reach to your eyes.
Consume A and B vitamins. These vitamins will help not only to protect your eyelashes, but will stimulate their growth.
Nourish with olive oil. Three times a week with a cotton swab apply olive oil on eyelashes. Gently rub the oil through the eyelids and allow it to work for several minutes.
Apply castor oil. Many women claim that castor oil helps the faster growth of eyelashes. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

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