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Always be on time

Whether you have a job interview, it is your first working day or it’s Saturday and go out with friends, you should always show up on time at the right place. Coming late not only leaves a very bad impression, but also annoys the ones who wait for you.

To arrive always on time, you need to know how to manage your time. Here are some tips that will help you to quit the bad habit of being late and to effectively plan your time.

Admit that you have problem with being late. People do not see that being late as a problem, and they will never be accurate. Like other problems, you should solve the problem of being late, and it is necessary first to admit that you have this problem.
Plan your time. Everyone knows how long it takes to prepare. If you dedicate so much time on your appearance, get up earlier. Always know the location of which you should arrive, and plan exactly how long it will take to get there.
Plan an extra time. Always add 25% more to your scheduled time to be punctual.Very often things are not going as planned, and thus you will always have extra time to get out of unforeseen situation.
Prepare as much as you can at night. If your getting up in the morning is becoming a problem, it is best to prepare as much as you can the night before. Choose what clothes to wear and prepare them a night. Purse, keys and everything you wear everyday, leave it in one place.
Get into bed early. You’ll get up more awake in the morning and you will have enough time to fulfill all obligations.
At any time you need to know what is the time. At any time while preparations are going you need to know how much time you left. Wherever you go, with you look at the watch or at your mobile phone.
Have a reminder. You can use your mobile phone, computer or notebook, it is important to have a reminder of important events on which you should never be late.
Be organized. Unorganized means being late. If you are not organized and at the last minute if you’re trying to find things that you need, you’ll always lose valuable time and be late.
Some people place at their watch 15 minutes early to avoid delays. In others this tactic does not have results, because they always think they have more time. You can be innovative and you can invent your own tactics, with which you will be always on time. Properly organize your time, because as Benjamin Franklin said: ‘Time is money!’.

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