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Partners that share responsibilities are the happiest

Researchers found out that the couples who share housework are happier than those couples where one partner takes all or most of the burden on herself.

According to a new research, neither one of the  partners should take more than 60% of the housework – from cleaning up to child’s care.

Traditional families in which only the husband goes to work, and the woman takes care of the home and children are less happy. In such families, the husband feels more pressure on himself to provide financial stability, and the woman that stays home feels left out since she is not contributing to the funds.

Women who do not work feel more fear to be left alone, because if it happens, they can not be independent.

On the other hand, in homes where the husband stays at home and the woman ‘brings home the dough’, again problems arise because men lose confidence and the woman falls on the pressure to provide financial stability.

A survey in which participated 50 000 adults showed that women do not want to be housewives all day. Both men and women reach the highest level of happiness when they both share all of the responsibilities.

In this case both partners feel satisfied with all the achievements in life and are happier together.