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10 tricks to lose weight without diet

Use a thin tall glasses:

If you use thin tall glasses, rather than small and wide, then you will cut some ‘liquid’ calories. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to fill the glass when it is wider. High glasses will help you to drink about 30% less juice, wine or other beverage.

Limit the alcohol intake:

Many people neglect the calories that come from alcohol. The truth is that alcohol contains more calories per gram than proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, avoid alcohol as much as possible. When you drink the first drink, make a break with noncaloric carbonated drinks like mineral water.
Alcohol also increases the appetite for snacks like chips, almonds, pistachios, etc. That will bring you many calories.

Drink green tea:

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who want to lose few pounds. It helps the process of burning fat, accelerates the work of the metabolism and thus contributes to reducing weight.
Apart from losing weight, green tea is an excellent thing for improving overall health, because it helps the body to protect itself from many diseases.

Eat soup:

If you add soup to your daily menu, you will consume fewer calories. It is best to eat the soup at the beginning of your meal. It will help you to reduce your appetite for other foods, because you already had eaten something. Ideally, meals should consist of soup and vegetables.
Avoid cream soups because they contain more calories than clear soups.

Vegetarian pizza and pasta with tomato sauce:

If you simply can not live without a tasty pizza, then choose a pizza with vegetables. If you cut off the meat, will cut 100 calories less from your meal. Use low fat cheese or avoid the cheese.
Always choose pasta with tomato sauce versus pasta with creamy sauce. Pasta with tomato sauce have fewer calories.

Long meals:

This is one of most recommended tricks to reduce weight when you do not stick to particular diet. Increase the time when you eat. Chew slowly and enjoy the taste of food with every bite.
Slow feeding will make you feel more satisfied and fuller from less food. The brain will have enough time to get the information when you are full and that way you will avoid overeating.

Take break during the meal:

Most people make a small breaks when they are at the end of finishing their meal. Surely it happened to you to regret that you continued to eat after that break. Use this moment to stop the consumption of food.
The break is a signal to the body that you are full but not overfull.

Replace the snacks with mint gum:

Chewing gum with mint flavor is a great trick for reducing the appetite. It will help you to stop putting ‘harmful’ snack in your mouth. Menthol kills the beautiful taste of food, thus you won’t be attracted to eating if you are not hungry.

Put it in a visible place the ‘overgrown’ clothing:

It is important to be motivated and to set a goal. Put you favorite clothing that at the moment is too small to wear in a visible place. So every day you will have the opportunity to remind yourself that if you get rid of excess pounds you can wear it with pride.
First of let the target be jeans on which you hardly close the buttons. Once you achieve that goal, go one step further and motivate yourself with tight dress.

Sleep more:

Insufficient sleep increases the appetite and you will feel hungry more often. If you sleep an hour longer than usual, it can help you lose 6 kg per year, and it is proven by researchers.
The results of this study showed that when some useless activity has been replaced with sleep, on average it reduces the calorie intake by 6%.