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7 Super Easy Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home

7 Super Easy Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home

Cardio exercises are a great way to keep your heart healthy, and to keep you in good shape. They can help you burn calories, lose some weight, reduce stress and improve your sleep. But they also improve your lung capacity and makes your heart stronger. Cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate and breathing. It’s recommended to do cardio exercises at least three to four times a week (at least 20-30 minutes).

People complain that cardio exercises are boring and therefore they don’t want to do them. That’s why it’s necessary for you do different exercises with different intensity. For example: Start walking in an average pace, then after a few minutes start to walk faster or start to run. If you run, run for a few minutes, then rum with a slow pace for a few minutes and then start to run faster.

Below are some interesting and super easy cardio exercises you can do at home, that will keep you up in shape and improve your mood. For a full cardio workout, do each exercise for one minute without interruption. You also don’t have to do all of the cardio exercises, just combine the exercises you like the most.

7 Super Easy Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Alternating Jump

Stand up straight, separate your feet a little bit, lift your hands over your head and spread them a little (your body should form the letter Y). Transfer your weight on your right leg, bend the left knee and start lifting your left leg to your chest. Touch your left knee with your right hand without bending forward. Then do the same with the other leg and hand. When doing this exercise you’ll see that you’ll actually do small alternating jumps.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Jumping rope

For this exercise you’ll need to have a jumping rope. When jumping make quick little jumps and don’t jump too high. If you don;t have a jumping rope nearby, just imagine that you have it in your hands and do the exact same movements.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Running Stairs

Run quickly up the stairs and then slowly go down the stirs. Repeat this several times. You don’t have to climb too many stairs, 10-15 are enough. If you want to do a more intense exercise, climb 2 steps at a time, but be careful when doing this.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Jumping with open arms and legs

Stand straight and separate the feet a little bit. Relax your hands and place them close to your body. Jump and in the same time, stretch your hands and legs outwards (as you’re doing the letter X). After the jump, return to the original position and jump again.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Jump left and right

Place a long thin object on the floor. It can be a stick, broom stick or just a rope. Stand on the right side of the object with your hands placed on your hips and jump on left side of the object. Then jump on the right side again and repeat this several times.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Running in one place

Start to run in place, but instead doing a normal running, lift your legs a little bit more from the floor, and raise our knees to your chest as high as you can.

Easy cardio exercise you can do at home – Reverse push-ups

Lie on the floor in a position like you’re doing push-ups. Your hands should be on the nape of your neck and your legs should be straight. Bend your right leg and bring it toward your chest. Then do the same with your other leg, bring your left leg towards your chest, keep it in this position for couple of seconds and relax it.

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