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5 signs that he will propose to you

5 signs that he will propose to you

Engagement is an introduction to marriage. It’s one of the happiest events of every woman. Let’s say that you are together for a very long time, and the past couple of weeks you feel that he became nervous for some reason. It seems like he is hiding something. Find out if this is going to be a marriage proposal and a beautiful ring.

5 signs that he will propose to you

Sign that he will propose #1: He asks a lot of questions

When the time for ‘Will you marry me?’ comes, he’ll surely want this moment to be special and memorable for both of you (especially you). This means that he will need more information for you – for example, what is your favorite place or the most pleasant memories from your childhood. He might even ask some ‘hidden’ questions about your ring size and what kind of jewelry you like. He also knows that your friends will ask the inevitable question, ‘How did he propose?’ and he wants you to have a great story to tell.

Sign that he will propose #2: He behaves just like in the begging of your relationship

Flowers and fine dining? Actually he is trying to ensure that when the big moment comes, you will say yes. It is a challenge for many men to propose marriage, but it is also particularly exciting and refreshing to the relationship. This way he’ll make you remember how happy you are when you’re together and it’s one of the signs that he will propose to you.

Sign that he will propose #3: He praises himself

He knows that you have a career and you alone can take care for yourself, but like most men he wants to provide for the family more than you do. This means that he’ll get a good job, with decent salary and no loans. Men instinctively want to take care for their partner, so there is no wonder if he starts to talk how he’s been praised about a job well done or got a bonus from the boss, before he asks you to spend your lives together.

Sign that he’ll propose #4: He helps you more than before

You notice that suddenly he is willing to wash the dishes or to change the bed sheets for you. This is his way to show you that he will be a good spouse and he will keep the home clean and do the housework equally with you. If he does this, it’s one of the possible signs that he will propose to you.

Sign that he’ll propose #5: He becomes very nervous

On the big day he will be pretty nervous. Even if he is sure that you will say yes, he’ll still worry about whether everything will go according to the plan. If he is terrified of the weather forecast for the weekend or he strongly urges you to order chocolate cake for dessert, you will get a brilliant engagement ring.

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