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The perfect woman – according to men

The perfect woman - according to men

The perfect woman - according to menAccording to a survey conducted in the UK, the perfect woman according to man should have strong desire for making love, loves eating and can get ready to go out in less than 10 minutes.

Most men want a casual and sporty type of woman, that takes care of her appearance, has small breasts and well-shaped thighs. Three quarters of the men felt that their ideal woman should take care of her body, but also to be able to enjoy a nice meal. For most men the dream woman has long thick hair, she’s slim and has enough confidence to go out for a walk without makeup.

According to 91 percent of male respondents the ideal wife should never refuse making love. A large percentage of respondents (88%) said that it is difficult wait for hours while their spouse is preparing to go out. About 61% of men said that having an intelligent conversation is not important, but what is important is the prefect woman to have a sense of humor. The ideal woman is nice to have a driving license, to be able to make money, and to be a good mother.

The survey involved 3000 UK men. Six out of ten said that they wished that their perfect woman will watch the sports channel with them instead of a telenovela or reality show. According to most women, however, it is a very difficult tack to satisfy all the desires of men. In reality there is no perfect woman or man.

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