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What annoys women about their online friends?

What annoys women about their online friends

People who use social media have online friends that are real friends and ‘friends’ (friend of their family, some distant friend, a colleague from work and ‘friends’ that aren’t actually friends, just acquaintances). That’s why it’s impossible that you haven’t been annoyed by something that these ‘friends’ posted. So, what annoys women about their online friends?

What annoys women about their online friendsNew research shows that 85% of women are irritated by posts of some of their online ‘friends’.

But what exactly annoys them? 63% said that they are annoyed by some ‘friends’ that are constantly complaining, 42% are fed up by ‘friends’ who share some political views and 32% are extremely irritated from friends who brag about their seemingly perfect lives (when in reality that’s not the case).

The participants in the research were also asked what kind of people are their online ‘friends’. Here are the results:

65% are the ‘documentary’ friends – People who continually inform you what is happening in their life.
61% are the ‘drama queen’ friends – People who are constantly in crisis about something.
57% are the ‘proud mother’ friends – People who notify you about every step of their child.
46% are the ‘like’ friends – People who live to ‘like’.
40% are ‘poser’ friends – People who show their life as perfect.
40% are ‘activist’ friends – People who belong to some groups that use social media to support some humanitarian actions, causes, the idea to increase public awareness of the existence of a problem.
30% are the ‘always better’ friends – whenever you log into your profile, these people always have a story to tell that’s more interesting than someone else’s. Their comments usually start with: ‘Oh, that’s nothing. You can’t imagine what happened to me… ‘
26% are the ‘Photoshop’ friends – People who fix all of their images just to look more attractive.
25% are ‘stalker’ friends – People who follow your every ‘move’ and activity.
25% are friends with the enemy – A person who is both your friend and your enemy’s friend.

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