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Spring Fashion Color Trends – New Colors for Spring

Spring Fashion Color Trends - New Colors for Spring

Forget the one color fashion combinations made of black, dark shades of gray, brown and green. Forget the fear of unusual combination of colors and choose bright colors this spring.

If you ask a fashion expert what is the most popular color for the spring season, you won’t get an exact answer. White, orange, blue, coral… there are a lot of bright colors that are perfect for spring. The spring season brings a new set of trendy colors that are a great mood booster, and we encourage you to experiment more with different colors, patterns and textures. Here are some spring fashion color trends – New colors for spring that you shouldn’t miss:

Spring Fashion Color Trends - New Colors for Spring

Spring Fashion Color Trends – Fuchsia

Fuchsia or  to be more precise, it’s honeysuckle shade, is a great color for spring. It’s no wonder that many fashion designers have included it in their collections. It’s a bright color that will definitely make you feel romantic and feminine. You can combine it with nude shoes or accessories, but it also looks great combined with orange or pink.

New Colors for Spring – Orange

Striking and vibrant, the orange color certainly won’t leave your outfit unnoticed. Many designers have called the orange ‘it’- color for spring, so you should try it out. If you don’t want want to wear an orange clothing, at least have a few orange accessories. You can combine it with white or nude color.

Spring Fashion Color Trends – Blue

Replace the winter black with blue. Blue is a great color that’s suitable for different outfit combinations and in addition to that, it’s a really modern and great color for spring. From light sky blue to sapphire blue and navy, whatever you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

New Colors for Spring – White

White is more associated with summer and winter, but the timeless white color is also great for spring. You can dress from head to toe in white and you’ll be ready for the warm spring and summer days. But be careful when you combine white clothes with champagne or off white garments, because the yellow undertone in these colors may look like your clothes are dirty. For a glamorous look, combine your white outfit with silver and gold accessories.

Spring Fashion Color Trends – Yellow

The sunny spring season will make you want to wear bright and uplifting yellow clothes. And yellow is just that, uplifting and bright and it’s a great mood booster. If you don’t like to wear super bright yellow, try some of its shades like mustard, beeswax and pale lemony-yellow.

New Colors for Spring – Mix of colors

Most women will probably ignore this trend but women who are courageous and not afraid of adding a little more color to their outfits will definitely rock it. On the runways we have seen unconventional and colorful combinations of orange, light pink, yellow, green and blue. However, be careful. To follow this trend, you need have a great courage to experiment and of course, and ability  to combine different colors.

Spring Fashion Color Trends – Nude

As a contrast to the bright colors, the ‘nude’ color stays strong among the most current spring color trends. It’s also called ‘the new black’ because it can easily be combined with other colors. Today there are limitless shades of nude so it can fit both women with dark or light complexion.

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