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Frequently asked questions on interviews

During the job interview, you should expect questions relating to your qualification, education, work experience, but also some about your character. There are certain questions that are asked no matter for what position you are applying. Due to stress, it is sometimes difficult to answer them.

The good news is that you can prepare for them. However, to show that you are an exceptional candidate, you should not only answer the typical questions, but also the unexpected ones.

Tell us briefly about yourself?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why did you left the last job?
What do you know about our company?
Why you want to work on this position?
What salary do you expect?
What you are interested in, do you have hobbies?
Why should we choose you?

Tell us briefly about yourself:

This is mostly asked question on a job interviews. Because it is so general, it is very difficult to find the correct answer. Therefore, prepare yourself ahead with a short answers which you will focus on:

1. Your biggest achievements of the previous work or education;
2. How you will contribute to the company, if you have the position for which you apply.

What are your strengths and weaknesses:

This question is not pleasant, especially if you are a shy person. It targets your potential employer to understand whether you can be self-critical.

Do not fall into a trap by telling a full listing of strengths but only 1-2 weaknesses. You should not be too modest, but also you should not exaggerate with brags. List several strengths like a hard-working, accurate and accountable.

When it comes to weaknesses, it becomes a little harder, because you would not like to indicate why they should not hire you. Choose a kind of weaknesses, which will not take away from your points. For example, say that you are too perfectionist or you work too hard and sometimes it results in getting stressed.

Why you left the last job:

Do not panic and be careful with the answer to this question. Do not start to talk bad things about your previous employers or colleagues. If you do, you will leave a bad impression. Be honest.

If you have been fired, be honest, but without going into details. Do not explain yourself and tell them what you have learned from this experience and emphasize that it will make you a better professional.

If you have quit, you can tell that the previous work was not challenging enough for you or that you are ready to go to on the next scale of your professional development, and the position for which you are applying will ensure that.

What do you know about our company:

You are not allowed to go to an interview without a ready answer to this question. Ask for information about the company before applying to the job position. If the company has its own site, try to learn its goals, reputation, partners, problems etc.

With your response you should convince the interviewer that you are interested in exactly that position, in exactly that company and you do care where you work. Searching for information will not take you much time, and you will avoid to feel uncomfortable when this question is asked.

Why do you want to work on this position:

Do not start with a philosophical stories that it was the work of your dreams and that you would do everything to get it. Instead, explain that you are strong in that area and you want to develop this sphere of activities.

What salary do you expect:

Do not try to avoid the answer to this question. Everyone needs to put a price. Do not put too low number in order to not look overvalued, because then it would be difficult to obtain higher wage.

Make a little market research to find out more about the wages for the position that you are applying.

What you are interested in, do you have hobbies:

With the answer to this question you need to show that you are versatile person, that is interested in many things. You can mention any scientific interest outside your area but if you speak only for serious stuff, it will look that you lie about something.

Tell them what you do after work, like reading books, watching movies, favorite hobby or sport, etc.

Why should we choose you:

You need to convince your potential employers that there is not a better candidate from you. If you have work experience, indicate the skills and the experience that you have gained from your previous work.

If this will be your first job, indicate that you are a young candidate who can bring fresh ideas and energy and will deal with all sorts of situations and can work under stress.