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Enemies of beautiful breasts

No matter how hard you try to care for the skin of the breasts with massage and exercise, if you do not eliminate the factors that destroy your skin, you will not achieve the results that you want.

Inappropriate bra. The choice of an appropriate bra is crucial for the appearance and health of your breasts. The baskets have the function to provide support and shape the breasts. If you choose too small bra, you will tighten your breasts too much and they will not only look small, but it will decrease the circulation of blood. Too big bra can not give them the necessary support, and that leads to loose breasts.
Tip: When choosing a bra, try a few sizes. Two bras with the same number but from different manufacturers can look completely different on you. Look for bras with baskets which will give you an adequate support and beautiful shape of your breasts and around your back.

Hot water. Many women love to have a shower with hot water. However, high temperatures adversely affect the formation of collagen in skin cells, which leads to reduced elasticity. If you reduce the elasticity of the skin, the breasts will look saggy, and the variation in their size can easily create stretch marks.
Tip: Cold water helps the blood circulation. During the shower several times direct the jet of water toward your chest and alternately change the temperature of the water – hot and cold. Finally, end with the cold water.

Drastic change in body weight. Strict diets and obesity lead to stretching of the skin all over your body. This leads to a decrease in elasticity and the appearance of stretch marks.
Tip: Drastic change in body weight creates stress to the body. Do not do strict diets that require starving. Aim for slow weight loss, accompanied by exercise. Just so you can save your body skin tight.

Bad posture. Keeping the body in straight position affects not only the formation of the spine, but also the chest. If you hold your body in an irregular position, you risk deforming to occur in these body parts.
Tip: Always make sure that the posture is normal. Bending your shoulders is not attractive. Put a book on your head, straighten your body and walk in your home for 10 minutes every day. This exercise will create a habit to walk straight.

UV-rays. It’s no secret how harmful the sun with its UV rays is. They reduce the elasticity of the skin and cause premature aging. Solariums provide a nice tan, which may cover some deficiencies in the skin, but on the other side does major damage occurring at a later age.
Tip: Like you protect your face, you should also protect the skin and body, using creams with SPF. Do not overdo the sun exposure or use of solarium, and more often use a cream rich in vitamin E.

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