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Vitamins in cosmetic products

Cosmetic products that are available for face and hands, are countless. Very often you face a difficult choice which exactly cream to choose, right?

You read the ingredients in the cream, but some say nothing to you. From this article you will learn exactly how vitamins are beneficial for our face.

Overall vitamins protect the face from free radicals. They are formed under the influence of external factors such as ultraviolet light, dust or polluted air.

Vitamin A is a fighter against wrinkles. Vitamin A strengthens the protective functions of skin, makes it more elastic, improves the metabolism in cells. Furthermore, when the vitamin is included as an ingredient in shampoos and nail products, it will help their growth.

If you’ve noticed recently that your skin is peeling, this is a sure sign that your body has a deficiency of vitamin A.

Vitamin B is involved in the metabolism. He is responsible for pigmentation and hair growth. Sign that you have a shortage of vitamin B are cracked skin around  mouth corners and your nails.

Vitamin B5 is also known as panthenol. It is a common ingredient in face creams.

Cosmetic manufacturers to add Provitamin B5 in toning lotions, cleansing milks, hair masks and lip products.

Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. If you have a deficiency of vitamin C, your skin will become obviously dry and it will old prematurely.

Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, participate in carbohydrate metabolism. Most often this vitamin appears as an ingredient in cosmetics for the skin around the eyes.

Vitamin E is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Most commonly, vitamin E is taking part in a cosmetic product, which also has vitamin A, as it helps its absorption.

When our body lacks vitamin E, the skin is pale and loses its vitality.

Vitamin F (fatty acids) help to prevent the peeling of the skin. When the organism is lacking fatty acids, the hair is thinner hair and dandruff starts to appear.Vitamin F is added to nourishing creams, mainly in the hair cosmetics and skin rejuvenation.

All these vitamins you can consume through food. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Masks of natural products also do a great job. Also if you lack some vitamin, drink vitamins supplies.