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How sex will probably work – by countries

How sex will probably work - by countries

Well, this is how sex will probably work if we consider how different countries work. It is funny… or maybe it’s true?

How sex will probably work - by countriesEnglish sex – England is famous for its unrivaled conservatism. They are confident, calm and patient. But their high self-esteem does allow experiments in bed. So in bed they’ll probably be total success… or disappointment.

Spanish sex– Spanish men can’t wait too long for sex. If you get familiar with a Spanish man in the evening,  you’ll probably wake up next to him in the morning. They are energetic and passionate. They have an exclusive sexual fantasy and they always could surprise you with something new and fascinating. You might get in a relationship, if he calls you at a lunch with his parents and introduce you to his mother. But relationships usually doesn’t happen.

Japanese Sex – Sex with Japanese man will probably be calm and quiet. The relationship will be totally calm – he won’t tell you how it was at work today, how are the colleagues or friends. Japanese men won’t show any feelings or emotions. With Japanese men the only thing that you can do is keep quiet, even if you speak, hardly anyone will hear you. So it’s better to meditate.

French sex – French men are known as the best lovers. They will give you flowers and compliments with flattery and beautiful words. No matter how great the sex was, they will probably cheat on you.

German Sex – If we keep in mind how great German cars are, then German men should be ‘fast and with great quality’ in bed. However, they might be a bit too cold and they might not show an emotions and feelings. To be loved by German man it’s probably enough for you to love to drink beer, and to have great body.

Russian Sex – Russians are passionate and romantic, especially when they’re sober. To make a Russian man to love you it’s probably enough for you to know how to make tea… and drink great amount of vodka.

American Sex – American man will probably give you a great pleasure, but if they’re not in love, he won’t call you the next day and he’ll avoid you for the rest of his life. And if you give yourself too easy, they might think that you’re an ‘easy’ girl. All in all, an American man is difficult to understand.

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