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5 sex myths about men

Myth 1: Men are always ready for sex.
The truth: Not true. Of course, women are vulnerable, but men are not indifferent to the stress and tiredness. It affects their libido. So next time when he is not willing for sex – don’t panic. That’s not necessarily a problem.

Myth 2: Men never fake orgasm.
The truth: Not only the women are actors in sex. Although it rarely happens, men also can fake that they reached the point of culmination. Only 47% of men experience orgasm with vaginal penetration, and 3% of men do not recognize experienced orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Myth 3: Ejaculation means orgasm.
The truth: Not necessarily so. Ejaculation and orgasm in men are not always occurring simultaneously.Some men range up to orgasm without ejaculation. However, ejaculation usually occurs at the same time with orgasm.

Myth 4: Men would be happy if you skip the foreplay.
The truth: Most women think that men only think about sex and orgasm and do everything just to achieve it. Today, men pay more attention to foreplay, not only because they know that it is desired by women, but also because they do not have to constantly think of their erection.

Myth 5: The absence of erection means absence of desire for sex.
The truth: Women are often rushing to make conclusions when the man has problems with erection. Immediately comes to mind that he is not interested enough and had not considered them attractive. But the truth is that there are many things that may be the reason for the absence of an erection. Only 48% of men admitted they had problems with erections. Men are not robots. Many factors such as stress, fatigue, shyness and pressure, influence on him and on his libido.

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