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Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

When it comes to infidelity, scientists say there is great truth in the saying ‘Like father like son’. Czech scientists have once again confirmed the thesis that men whose fathers were unfaithful while they were growing up are more likely to cheat on their partners.

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheatedResearchers found out that this logic doesn’t apply to women and that they aren’t more prone to infidelity if their mothers had been unfaithful.

To reach to these conclusions, researchers studied infidelity, family history, self-esteem in terms of relationships and attitude towards sex in 86 pairs.

This finding explains the fact that while boys grow, they take their father’s behavior as an example of behaving and they take the good and bad things from it.

The reason why the daughters weren’t affected by the parent’s infidelity lies in their genes. The explanation is that attractive fathers have attractive sons, and they get more opportunities for infidelity. On the other hand, the attractive daughter of attractive mothers aren’t prone to cheating because they use their charm to win the best partner and good father to her children.

In other words, men use the attraction to get sexual diversity, and women to get the best partner.

The research once again confirms the fact that the men’s affairs are more motivated by sexual instincts than those of women.

Men usually cheat because they want sex and a bigger number of sexual partners, and not because they are ‘bored’ by their partner, researchers say. On the other hand, women are more likely to cheat if something is missing in their relationship.

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