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10 summer eye makeup trends

10 summer eye makeup trends

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also an indispensable part of female beauty. They have the power to seduce and conquer, and they are used as a powerful weapon for flirting. The eyes have the ability to speak even in times when you’re quiet. So it’s no wonder that make up artists center around them to build their artworks.

Emphasizing the beauty of the eyes using make-up is a daily task of every woman. A few precise applications of eye pencil, mascara and eye shadow can magically transform your face.

You can find the best make up looks that are perfect for you only through experimentation. So grab your eye shadow palette and try one of the following summer eye makeup trends:

10 summer eye makeup trends

Summer eye makeup trend – Pink and gold

Make your face summer fresh with pink and golden-yellow colors. This colorful combination will ‘open up’ your eyes.

Use liquid eyeliner to line your eyes and for more special effect, create ‘wings’ on the outer corner of your eyes.

Summer eye makeup trend – Brown and burgundy mix

Create a smoky eyes with brown and burgundy eye shadow. The earth tones will help you to highlight the color of your eyes, whether they are brown, green or blue.

For lining your eyes, use an eye pencil that isn’t too sharp. That way you will get a soft lines.

Summer eye makeup trend – Purple and black

Purple makeup is an absolute hit this season, and besides, it is known that purple shades suit every eye color. These are two strong enough reasons to try a seductive smoky eyes look with purple and black colors.

Make your lower lid more interesting. With black eye pencil outline the natural line of your lower eyelid and continue the line to create a wing to the outer corner of your lower lid. Make a wing on the upper lid too, so you will create ‘double wing’ look. Leave a little ’empty’ space between the wings and fill in in with highlighter.

Don’t forget to highlight the area under your brow and the inner corner of your eyes with white eye shadow.

Summer eye makeup trend – Classic brown smoky eyes

If you’re not fan of dramatic makeup, but you still want something striking, then choose the simpler version of classic smokey eyes look.

For a base, use a brown eye shadow. Line the upper and the lower eye lid, then apply black eye shadow just on the corner of your eye. Using a small brush, blend the two eye shadows until the two shadows blend into one another.

Finish the look by highlighting the area under your brow with a nude eye shadow and apply mascara.

Summer eye makeup trend – Bright yellow

Yellow, orange, blue and pink eye shadows were among the most popular eye shadows used by the makeup artists in the fashion shows for season spring / summer. Don’t say that yellow makeup won’t suit your eye color before you test whether that’s true.

Apply the bright shades on the outer end of the lower lid and to the upper lid. Apply black eye pencil just on the outer half of the upper lid.

Summer eye makeup trend – Roses and cream

Don’t be afraid to try a little fresher summer makeup with strong pink and beige eye shadow.

Apply a creamy beige eye shadow on the whole eye, and apply bright pink just on the outer corner of the eyes. Use a black liquid eyeliner to emphasize the eyes and finish with two layers of mascara.

Summer eye makeup trend – Blue smoky eyes

Try glamorous smokey eyes look with royal blue eyeshadow. Apply gray or black eye shadow just on the upper eyelids and on the outer corner of the lower lid. Then line your waterline with black pencil.

Apply royal blue eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye, bring it to the black and blend the two colors together. Finally, with a light blue eye shadow highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Apply more mascara to the upper lashes.

Summer eye makeup trend – Rainbow eyes

Make your eyes more colorful with yellow, pink and purple eye shadow. Blending the three colors together will give you an interesting look that is great for summer.

Use an eye pencil to line your eyes and create a small wing. Apply yellow eye shadow in the inner corner, pink in the middle of the eye and purple on the outer corner. Be sure tho blend the colors well so there won’t be any visible lines of color between them.

Summer eye makeup trend – Turquoise eyes

If you have a darker skin complexion, you should definitely try turquoise eye makeup. Apply white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye and on the lower lid, then apply turquoise eye shadow on the whole upper lid. With a black eye pencil, line the upper lid, and the outer half of the lower lid.

Summer eye makeup trend – Pure gold

The golden makeup is always inviting with its glamorous charm. To achieve this look, use a sharp black eye pencil to line the entire eye, while making a sharp wings at the ends that will give you a ‘cat’ look.

Apply gold eye shadow on the whole eyes. Shape the crease with a brown or dark bronze color. Blend the colors well. Apply your favorite mascara on the upper and lower lashes. For an extra spark, apply gold glitter on the inner corner of the eyes.

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