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Why women like taller men

why women like taller men

Let’s face it, most women like tall men. People have been thinking that this is true because the height is an indicator of good genes.

why women like taller menBut one expert denied this, saying: ‘If that was the whole story, I would expect the same to be true for men – that men would be attracted to tall women, but they’re not. Men are attracted to women of average height or even shorter.’

The expert says that women prefer tall men because they are better fighters. He says that tall men have stronger punches, making them more useful for women.

From the perspective of sexual selection theory, women are attracted to powerful males, not because powerful males can attack them, but because powerful males can protect them and their children from other males.

Experts discovered that men have the strongest punches when they punch down and that means that the punches of taller men are stronger than the punches of the shorter men. As part of a research at the University of Utah, experts studied the punches of boxers and experts in military skills when they hit down, up, away or directly forward.

Men hit twice harder when their punch is directed downward, it is said in the report.

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