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How to stay awake when you’re sleepy and tired

How to stay awake when you're sleepy sour candy

Each of us was in a situation when we couldn’t keep our eyes open but we were forced to do so. It is not easy to stay awake when you are listening to boring lectures, when you need to study for an exam, when you are on a long boring meetings or when you need to finish doing something boring. But there is a way.

Below are some tips and tricks that are not variations of ‘sleep more at night’ and ‘drink coffee’, which will help you win the war against fairies who want to take you into the world of dreams.

How to stay awake when you're sleepy and tired - eat sour candy

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Eat sour candy

In your handbag, always keep a bag of some very sour lemon or lime candies and whenever you feel fatigue and drowsiness, put one in your mouth. The sour taste will instantly wake you up.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Vary your tasks

When you are doing the same thing for a while, it can become boring and it is normal for you to get sleepy. If you feel that you can’t keep your eyes open while you’re working or studying, start working on other tasks that you need to finish. Or, start to learn new interesting subject. If you are at work, do something else that has to finished. Different tasks will keep you focused.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Chew gum

Fresh mint flavor will have your eyes open in no time, also chewing gum can increase the ability to concentrate. But keep this tip for the office or class when you’re feeling sleepy, because if you’re at home you might fall a sleep either way and the gum can stick to your hair and clothes or worse you might choke on it.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Don’t study in bed

You can’t expect that you’ll would finish studying if you are lying in bed wrapped in a cozy and soft blanket. Sit on a chair and hold your back straight.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Expose yourself to light

If the room is darker, you will fall more easily into temptation to close your eyes. Sit down next to a window that will allow you to see in natural light or turn on all the lights in the room.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Stretch

If you have the opportunity, do jogging or jumping in place couple of times times. Stretch your hands and neck, and then go back to the chair and study.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy -Move your arms or legs

When you’re in class or on a meeting, take as much notes as possible. Writing will increase the concentration and keep you awake. Move your legs under the table, just like when you are nervous. that will help a bit too.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Drink plenty of water and fresh juices

Dehydration increases fatigue, and with it the desire for a short nap. Drink plenty of water or fresh orange, apple or lemon juice. On one hand you will prevent dehydration, and on the other, the freshness of the juices will wake you up. Also, if you drink plenty of fluids you will visit the toilet more often, which will help you to make a break and move around. The only uncomfortable thing is, if you are in lectures or meetings you’ll probably not be able to go to the toilet very often.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Wash your teeth

When you’re studying or working for a very long time, there comes a moment where you feel that you can’t do it anymore. Get up and wash your teeth. That way you will move around a bit and you will refresh yourself with the taste of mint.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy  – Pinch yourself

When other attempts fail, pinch yourself a bit hard. It may sound strange, but a little pain will keep you awake.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Talk to someone

Make a few minute break and talk with a friend, family member or colleague. If you can not do it personally, call him / her on the phone. There is always another colleague or friend who is studying or working all night and you so call him  her to ask how he / she is going with the work.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Watch a funny video or think of a funny situation

If you are at home, watch a video that always forces you to laugh, and if you are in a class or a meeting, think of some funny story or situation. Of course, do this only if you can restrain yourself and not laugh out loud.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Sing a dynamic song

You are studying up late, there is no one to talk, and you are in big crisis. Then, let yourself move or dance to a music with a fast beat that always makes you dance. Put your headphones and let yourself sing out loud at least 1-2 songs.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Take a walk outside

Go to the store and buy some fruit. You will return with more energy and more attention to what you do.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Nibble some seeds or nuts

The movement that you will do with your mouth and hands will help you stay focused and alert.

Stay awake when you’re tired – Turn off the heating

If you want to immediately open your eyes and feel refreshed, wash your face with cold water. Also, lower or turn off the heating in your room. Hot air make you close your eyes and fall asleep.

Stay awake when you’re sleepy – Set your alarm on every 10-15 minutes

If you are tired, the sound of the alarm will prevent you fall asleep. Set your alarm clock or phone and put it away from you so you will be forced to get up to switch off the alarm. This way you won’t fall a sleep and you’re also going to move your body for a bit.

When everything fails and your body tells you it can not stay awake, take a quick power nap for 15-25 minutes but no longer that that because long naps will make you feel even more tired. A short nap will refresh you and you will be prepared once again to return to your tasks.

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