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Dependence of technology similar to drug addiction

Nowadays many people own a mobile phone, many have a computer and many are involved in at least one social network.  But people, especially students, are not only used to have these things in their life, but they are dependent on them.

Research conducted in 1000 universities in 10 countries, including USA, China and Britain, found that when students were ‘excluded’ from the technology, they begin to show similar symptoms as drug addicts.

The researchers found out that 4 of 5 students feel panic, confusion and extreme isolation when they are forced to give up their mobile phone, laptop or Internet.

During the survey titled ‘The World Unplugged’, the students were asked to give up their mobile, computers, television, social networks like Facebook and Twitter and all their gadgets in 1 day. Most of them failed to do that and to spend 24 hours without any contact with this type of technology.

Students who were ‘excluded’ from the technology described their emotions with words: panic, anxious, insecure, nervous, restless, crazy, addictive, jealous, angry, lonely, depressed and paranoid.

‘I felt helpless as a lone man on the deserted island in the vast ocean’ – with these words, one student described his day-off from technology.

Scientists noted that ‘technological abstinence’ has contributed to better communication between students. Many students said they began to have more philosophical and deeper conversations.