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Nuts and yogurt can help you lose weight

The desire to achieve and maintain a slender figure is huge in every person, so scientists are trying everyday to get to the facts that will help us to achieve it.

Recent research, in which participated 120,000 people of which 80% were women, found out that certain foods help the process of reducing weight.

Researchers found out that consuming yogurt and nuts helps us to lose weight in a long-term plan and more than the consumption of fruits and vegetables, probably because they make us to feel full for a longer time. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt and cereals, fall into the category of ‘good food’.

On the other hand, scientists discovered that certain foods,even when consumed moderately, can make us gain weight. They first recommend to avoid potato chips, french fries, soft drinks and juices that contain sugar, and red and processed meat. These foods fall into the category of ‘bad food’.

The idea that there is no good and bad food is a myth that should be busted,  said the researcher, who worked on the survey.

The survey further revealed that in order to avoid gaining weight, it takes 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day. Also, experts recommend to reduce the time that people spend in front of TV.