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Gynaecological secrets you should know

We women are often prone to panic for no reason, especially when it comes to problems ‘down there’. Therefore we will discover several gynecological secrets that every woman needs to know.

Contraceptive pills can reduce the desire for sex.
According to experts, in many women pregnancy control pills cause lowers their libido. It applies only to women in reproductive period. Also women in menopause who take these pills to control various symptoms such as mood change may feel a reduction of the desire for sex.

Headaches caused by migraines may increase desire for sex.
Certainly the last thing you need when you have a headache is to have sex. But do not be surprised if you feel a greater desire to be intimate with your partner during the 24 hours before your migraine starts to bother you. This phenomenon experts find it difficult to explain. It probably happens because of the increased serotonin level, which they assume that has to do with the sexual appetite.

Orgasm can eliminate the headaches and menstrual cramps.
Recent research shows that in 20% of women who have migraines, after they have orgasm the pains are reduced. It is not the first time that connects orgasm with a relief of pain. Many women argue that orgasm helps in reducing or eliminating menstrual cramps  also.

It is easier to take STD if you have sex while menstruation.
Indeed, the period of menstruation is a time when chances of staying pregnant are the least. But it is a period when you are most prone to get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections. That’s because the acidity of the vagina changes and it is easier to spread germs. Acidity of the vagina is not a favorable environment for bacteria, but menstrual bleeding is alkaline and therefore menstruation creates conditions for the development of bacteria.

Wearing cotton underwear and change of washing powder reduce the risk of vaginitis.
Vaginitis is irritation of the vagina. It causes more vaginal discharge, itching and burning. If you wear cotton underwear and change the washing powder you will reduce the risk of this unpleasant problem. Also do not use perfumed intimate products.

Oral sex increases risk of recurrence of yeast infection.
Research conducted in Michigan, USA, which involved 200 men and women found that women who prefer oral sex have more often repeated yeast infections. That does not mean that oral sex is a problem for everyone. But women who often suffer from this problem should take into mind this fact.

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