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Bad habits make women look older

A new research shows that unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits make women look older.

The results covered 8000 representatives of the female sex over the age of 25, and revealed that harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fatty foods, use of tanning beds and other harmful factors, make women appear to look 4.25 years older than they really are.

The survey shows that 25% of women spend an average of 10 minutes every day worrying about their age, each year it adds another 2.5 days more than their actual age.

One-tenth of women aged between 51 and 55 years that participated in the survey said they are afraid to look like their mothers. About one in ten women aged between 25 and 66 years said they would put Botox to look younger, and 9% – would prefer even plastic surgery.

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