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Unusual bleeding in menopausal women requires immediate medical attention

Menopausal women who bleed from time to time, think that it is something normal and don’t seek medical attention. However, it is a symptom of severe pathology, most commonly cancer.

According to experts many women regarding the gynecological diseases are quite reserved. Many wait to pass the symptom, reckoning that the same think happens to other women too, without worrying. But it is not that way.

The same goes for the difficult or too long lasting cycle. It is not normal that the monthly bleeding continues 7-10 days, nor is the presence of clots in the menstrual blood. This indicates a possible myoma (a type of benign cancer) and the woman needs diagnostic clarification.

In virtually every discomfort, unusual sensations or movements, women should seek medical attention. The pain is a symptom that you have been slow in consulting the doctor.

In risk are the women who are obese, with diabetes and with high blood pressure.

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